Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 only gain 0.05% in November

We’ve just posted the following news: Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 only gain 0.05% in November[newsimage][/newsimage]

Windows 8 market share dropped from 7.49% to 6.66% this month, Windows 8.1 market share increased from 1.72% to 2.64%.

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I think MS will never understand why the things are so

I ran across one of those discount-software sellers, and they were pushing XP-SP2 and -SP3 CDs for $30-40 each. (The packages looked like they were PC OEMs, like Dell, Tosh or Sony-branded,)

But the amazing thing was they were also selling NT4 for something comparatively outrageous, like $55. AND they were selling Win2000 for more than XP.

Gee - maybe I shouldn’t make fun of “Win 8 sales outpace XP, 2000 or NT4 sales” anymore. Maybe there’s a market!

Windows 8.1 sort of acknowledge what people didn’t like about 8, but then sluffed it off.

Windows 8.1 added the option to boot to desktop (thats good). It added a start button, but the start button goes to a Metro Menu (fail). 8.1 is still missing metro.

I think Microsoft was nuts for using the same OS configuration for both PC’s and tablet/phones. The early versions of 8 were able to have the same underlying OS, but different configurations (metro) for tablet and desktop for PC.

Microsoft crapped on it’s shrinking PC market while trying to accomodate its nearly nonexistant smartphone/tablet market.

I would hope MS releases another Desktop OS at somepoint. There’s no reason they can appease everyone and make metro available but completely optional.

It makes no sense to alientate users when you can make everything customizable for the user. Why divide the user base if you don’t have too?

I keep thinking of Perfect Storms and how the PC industry seems intent on destroying itself. Conspiring to double and triple HDD prices after a Thailand flood affects only a small percentage of that biz, but plunges sales for all other products… the fire in the Hynix plant and the almost doubling of world-wide RAM prices for a small bump in the production road.

Was it fifteen or so years ago that a Taiwan Earthquake disabled several RAM factories? Prices stuttered but came back in-line to keep a high-growth period going. THAT should have been The Lesson Learned. Instead, “let’s conspire to rip consumers off!” and then they complain when the fool-consumers don’t fall for the extravagant prices.

And Microsoft’s continual dumbing-down of a UI, insisting users shouldn’t be allowed to customize their own screen-objects, shouldn’t be allowed to view any entertainment without Ballmer’s DRM permission, shouldn’t be allowed to install software without Ballmer being notified and/or getting a slice.

“Gee - why isn’t the PC biz flourishing? People are spending so much on other gadgets!”


The rule still exists: Consumers still prefer to buy what they want, not “the only thing available”. Especially when it’s NOT the only thing…