Windows 8 and HD-DVD playback?

Windows 8 and HD-DVD playback ?

Hi All,

I have just move on to windows 8 and my 2 HD-DVD software ( PowerDVD 7.3 and Nero 8 ) don’t play with it nicely. I do have Anydvd HD, but it is not helping with the problem. I try a trial copy of Totalmedia 5.3 and it does work with window 8. The problem is I can’t seem to be able to buy it? And the newer versions of Totalmedia 6, 6.5 from what I can read does not support HD-DVD playback anymore? Does anyone know what works with windows 8?

I have Blu-Ray software and stand alone Blu-Ray players. So Please I  do not need/want any info on ripping or moving to Blu-Ray, thanks. I  just want to know how to play my HD-DVD movies collection on my computer  with window 8 as the os.

All of the commercial programs have apparently dropped support for HD-DVD. You won’t find a legitimate method of doing this in Windows 8.

Have you thought about running a virtual machine with Windows XP or Vista and use that with one of your older software players?

What about Dvdfab media player

Why not just rip the discs to media files and play those?

[QUOTE=lejuans01;2716122]What about Dvdfab media player[/QUOTE]

I’m not sure about DVDFab Media Player as HD-DVD or .evo aren’t listed as supported formats.

Even if it did though HD-DVD is a dead format, and there’s not much point in dragging it out even longer, so I think CDan’s suggestion to rip and convert the discs to a more modern format would be a better more future proof solution.


Macgo is a rather obscure player. Never even heard it discussed before.

But there is NO mention of playing HD-DVD on their website, nor is .evo a listed file format.

This is what is listed:

[I]Input Media:

Blu-ray Disc / Blu-ray ISO / DVD Video / Video CD / VCD / Audio CD (no DTS-CD) / Raw Audio: DTS, AAC, AC3 / A52
Input Formats:

MPEG (ES,PS,TS,PVA,MP3) / AVI /ASF / WMV / WMA / MP4 / MOV / 3GP / Matroska (MKV) / WAV (including DTS) / Raw Audio: DTS, AAC, AC3 / A52 / FLV (Flash) / RMVB[/I]

I obtained an HD-DVD for testing with the Macgo player. It could not open the HD-DVD from the optical drive at all, not even with AnyDVD HD running in the background. By contrast, Arcsoft TMT 5 had no issues playing this disc.

The disc I have is the movie [I]Tremors[/I], which is encoded in VC-1 and has Dolby HD audio.

Trying to play the decrypted movie from the hard drive, the Macgo player could open the main movie .evo file, but playback was terrible, and the audio was completely unintelligible. So, I would say this player fails as an option to play HD-DVD.

What about vlc player

VLC will not open the encrypted disc, nor will it open the movie folder. If you navigate to the correct .evo file, it will play the video very poorly, and the audio is a stream of noise.

The video is jerky…cannot be played smoothly with VLC. There is a secondary audio stream I could try…no, it cannot seem to find the regular AC3 audio stream.

You might Just try codec bundle I’m not sure if the name but I’ll check when I get to my pc

On the other hand, once converted to Blu-ray format, VLC plays this movie as well as it does any other Blu-ray. Which is slightly inferior to my preferred player, TMT5.

Conversion of HD-DVD to Blu-ray is very simple, if all you want is the main movie. Once decrypted and ripped to the hard drive using AnyDVD HD, ClownBD can convert the movie in less than 15 minutes.

Keeping the menus and extras…or recreating them…that would be challenging. You’d need a very good Blu-ray authoring program.

[QUOTE=lejuans01;2716659]You might Just try codec bundle I’m not sure if the name but I’ll check when I get to my pc[/QUOTE]

VLC does not rely on outside codecs. It is possible to use them, if you go to some trouble to enable that in VLC, but it isn’t default behavior.

And I never use codec packs. Nor do I recommend doing so.

I’m seeing dvdfab

Or you might have some luck with

Here’s the codec site

That is the “K-Lite” codec pack.

I have seen many posts with people who have installed packs and ask for help.

For the average user, it is better not to install codec packs.

I just tried Arcsoft TMT 6 with my HD-DVD disc and it plays just fine. So the original poster was incorrect in his belief that Arcsoft has abandoned playback of this format.

It played well from the disc and from a ripped copy on the hard drive.

So this is one solution, though an expensive one. Currently you can use this coupon code: ACTIVATION08 and get the price down to $69.99.

Thanks everyone for their input. I have try TMT 6.5 and it works well with windows 8 for HD-DVD playback. So happens newegg has this on sale ( download version only ) for $29.99. Its the cheapest I have ever seen this version go for.

^[B]Excellent[/B] price. Glad you found a working solution StPatrick.

Excellent price!!!
Too bad that Newegg doen’t ship overseas…:frowning:
Not even downloadable software with PayPal as payment option…:sad:
Anyone knows a way to make Newegg accept PayPal from oversea?