Windows 8.1 Preview often fails to install, users report many issues

We’ve just posted the following news Windows 8.1 Preview often fails to install, users report many issues

Users around the web report that they can’t install the Windows 8.1 Preview and those who are able to install it report lots of issues.

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Users around the web report that they can’t install the Windows 8.1 Preview and those who are able to install it report lots of issues. Microsoft is releasing preview versions of their software to smash the last bugs. But since yesterday 50 pages of forum threads on the Microsoft Answers website emerged. Many users report that they are unable to install the Preview.

So why am I not surprised??? :Z

I’d be curious to find out how many of these people actually downloaded the update from Microsoft, how many downloaded it from torrent sites before the update was officially released, or how many didn’t actually download it at all but just posted a negative comment for the hell of it. I downloaded the ISO, made an installation disk to do a custom install, and haven’t had a single problem. The install went fine, Windows 8.1 seems to be pretty much what Microsoft said it would be, and it seems to run perfectly so far. (Of course it’s only been a day, so knock on wood.) MyCE seems to have kind of an anti-Microsoft bent sometimes, so I’ll no doubt be called a Microsoft fan boy because I haven’t had any problems, but that’s OK.

Not at all Brad, but sometimes you cannot test everything, have you tried to use System restore yet? Just interested , because it didn’t work on my Microsoft downloaded version. I am going to do another install ( clean install) when the next release is final) so we will see, I always post the truth, I am very happy with Windows 7 64 bit so I am not anti Microsoft. I realize this is a beta but I just thought I would post my experience. Been using Windows since Windows was released in the early 90s. I only had a few issues with some versions and they were all fixed, but when they took away my Start Menus, I could see the writing on the wall. The " New Coca Cola " fiasco all over again. :wink:

Two clean machines loaded up, one an older ASROCK AMD motherboard and one a new ASUS. The installation of the OS went fine, but none of the problems that Win8 presents to my daily uses are solved.

The File Manager still likes to dawdle and expand-unexpand-re-expand Ballmer’s choice for Home Folder (those synthetic Libraries as defined by Steve Ballmer, not MY choice of Home Folder, which would be C: Drive, root - that’s why I’m using File Manager after all, not opening some Desktop Owner Folder).

There’s still Zero Customization for Screen Objects, if you don’t like a Theme’s memory use and choices, learn to love eye-strain headaches.

File-Names for Fonts are still hidden away, so that has to be turned on, over, and over, and over, and over for those dozens of Ballmer Font Choices. But the OWNERSHIP Batch File works once all those 100+ file-names are entered three times.

I’m not worried about 8.1’s refusal to do allow File-Restore from WinXP-Vista-7 Windows Backups as that’s an update that will “likely be installed for Final 8.1 release” I’m told. Or shortly thereafter. I still can’t understand why a History or Backup concept is EVER used if the RESTORE process isn’t included immediately. Why bother with the delusion that Backup accomplishes the Next Step?

Installing some printer drivers still screws up the File Manager. I haven’t tried every video-driver because those screw-ups can be unfixable without a clean re-install since SAFE MODE’s access limits remain somewhere between Icarian blue-sky limits and black-magic.

We haven’t loaded Desktop Programs yet beyond FireFox 21.0, Chrome (58 or 99 or 6,425 - whatever version they’ve released in the last 90 seconds - I think they do it in Thirty-Second Increments, yes?), DVD FAB DECRYPTER 9-whatever, DVD SHRINK and NERO BURN ESSENTIALS 10, but haven’t tested any of those except see that DVD FAB D9 scan and read a DVD properly, and DVD SHRINK did a FILE OPEN and RE-AUTHOR.

So, User Customization remains almost nil.

User Obstructions & Slowdowns remains at Highest Maximum Setting.

Drivers are still an adventure in the Uninstall Abilities. I’ll do Video Driver Updates next week for these tests. I probably need a Screw-Up in those to test fix-abilities after a screw-up. Fortunately, I’ve got an AMD card installed so…

Wow, “preview”…

Welcome Bet@ Testers! :smiley:

I’ve been taking the pre-view for a spin on a spare SSD.
Not bad at all, but then again I like Win8 :slight_smile:
IE11 is very nice, and very fast.
Being able to boot direct to the desktop is nice (it saves me a single click). :stuck_out_tongue:
There are also some other very nice enhancements.

No problems installing from the ISO, and no stability issues.

I don’t have a spare SSD except the two 16GB SLC-based Mtron drives. 8.1 sounds very promising.

I believe all of the Win8 users will implement this upgrade eventually. But I’ll probably recommend “Wait until Month 2” because there are bound to be issues that crop up only on mass-release that the hearty preview testers can’t create. And Microsoft traditionally drops in or changes something on these .1 releases that wasn’t issued or even discussed in any of their beta’s and pre-releases. (“Dear HP, sorry we wiped out all LaserJet drivers - that’s not an important product line, is it?”)