Windows 8.1 officially announced - start menu becomes start tip

I just posted the article Windows 8.1 officially announced - start menu becomes start tip.

It’s official, Microsoft has announced Windows 8.1 and posted details of the update on its blog in which it reveals that the start menu becomes the start tip.

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The start menu is compact and efficient for working.

If the start menu is replaced with tiles like the above, instead of just a list of programs, Microsoft have not learned their lesson, and it’s time to move on.

I concur. If they didn’t bring back the start menu for:

  1. Easy play to pin Application Shortcuts
  2. Easy Access to Control Panel
  3. Easy access to start/shutdown/sleep
  4. Just the corner of the screen… not take up the entire screen!

Then they completely missed the point (which it sounds like they did).

I agree with their assessment and I don’t use the start menu often. I have most of my shortcuts on my desktop (or organized in folders on my desktop) which sort of goes all the way back to windows 3.11. The only difference is I have some of my favorite apps pinned to the taskbar so I can open them up with one click but only a half dozen as to keep it from getting too cluttered).

I used XP for 7 or 8 years… It looks like I’ll be using windows 7 for a good while. I know I could by windows 8 and buy start 8 to make it do what I want, but that kind of defeats the purpose. I also didn’t like that they removed the option to use Aero on Win8… I like Aero.

Just think of the the Start Menu replacements currently in use, some are free some you pay for. Microsoft, in their infinite dumbness with Windows 8.1 Start Tip, have now validated the alternate Start Menu replacements. You go and develop Start Menu software in the traditional sense, as we ain’t going to be doing it.
It would be so easy for Micosoft to bring back the traditional Start Menu as in Windows 7, but no one can provide a really convincing argument as to why not
Its all rhetorical answers to what is a valid point for millions of users
If Bill Gates was running the show the Start Menu would never have disappeared as it was one of the cornerstones Windows was built on
As for Aero, don’t get me started and as no Aero is a retarded step

I’m constantly amazed at how stupidly stubborn Microsoft can be. I’m sick and tired of their “My way or the highway” attitude. You wonder who’s the customer here when all they want to do is dictate exactly how we’ll work while dismissing any dissenting opinions and with no regard for the desires of the people who actually use their product.

Someone out there (Google, Mozilla?) must be capable of writing an operating system that can compete with Microsoft. If Apple wasn’t so rigid in their corporate mindset, I’m sure they’re capable of writing a PC-compatible OS. In fact, with only about 5% of the personal computer market, it’s a wonder they haven’t considered it as a potential cash cow.

Now that we have more details … microsoft are just “un-hiding” the start button.

Using the “NEW” windows blue (8.1) Start Button just fires up the horrible metro interface anyway.

Microsoft are a bunch of F@#%$ing 1D10T’s.

I just hope the new stupid “start button” doesn’t interfere with my use of classic shell & the other 3rd party programs that make windows 8 bearable.

The Start-Menu Folder structure has always existed, along with all of those Registry hierarchies, so the “merely un-hiding it” seems to be the correct appraisal. This shouldn’t impact the 3rd-party-add-on’s that take Win8 back to Win7-and-earlier.

But somewhere in the not-too-distant future, I suspect a true pruning will occur so no Desktop App or Program can exist, probably with a forced Always-On Always-Subscriber mentality being the requirement. “If it doesn’t come from WinStore or Ballmer doesn’t get paid for it, then you’re not allowed to use it on your computer. After all, you don’t own anything - we do.”

I can’t wait for the head-in-the-sand “progressive” types to insist THIS is progress and that anyone who objects is “being left behind”.

I already figure that out when they tried to Shove Metro down users throat…it shouldn’t take a Rocket Scientist for anyone on this Forum to know that M$ could give a S&&^t about user wants and needs. There were just looking for the next fast buck…Their surface was a disaster and their windows phone is even more a waste of their resources…they are not Apple nor will they ever be able to compete on Apple side.

I seem to recall that they used to be able to, not just compete, but dominate Apple products. They would still be able to if they listened to their customers like they claim to be doing.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: if they made new interfaces optional, rather than force something they think people will like down their customers’ throats, 8 would probably sell much better than it currently does.

Also, not trying to advertise Bing and Skydrive would probably help, too. Contrary to what their TV commercials tell us, Google is the most popular search engine, by far. Perhaps Skydrive is more popular than most cloud drives (mayby not, I have no clue), but most people I know don’t really use cloud drives anyway.

What the hell is a “TIP” supposed to be? Apart from a place refuse is collected, I cannot think why they used this term. As for Skydrive, or any other cloud facility, forget it, there’s no way I would even put my deleted spam emails on someone else’s server. It’s hard enough keeping my network secure let alone having important stuff floating about in what’s laughingly called “The cloud”

I wanted to send a photo to a friend yesterday, and the “mail to” wanted to use the new Outlook (Hotmail) account. Fist it wanted me to log in, why? no need, then it said “This email will be available on Skydrive for 4 weeks” or a similar time. I DON’T WANT TO USE SKYDRIVE! I did solve it BTW.
I knew Microsoft wouldn’t put the start menu back as it was, if just not to loose face, well they have lost at least one customer, maybe millions.
I’ve been playing with Windows 8 for months now and still dislike it and find no advantage over 7 yet. I still think 8 was rolled out far too soon as 7 does take some beating and I bet it’s lifespan will be as long as XP’s if not longer. (Rant over)