Windows 8.1 (Blue) to allow booting to desktop?

I just posted the article Windows 8.1 (Blue) to allow booting to desktop?.

The upcoming update of Windows 8 might allow users to boot to the desktop again.

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If MS wants to save W8 from being its worst (from a marketing aspect) OS offering in the history of the company then they had better bring back the Start Menu and the option to boot to the desktop. The retail stores would love to have computers on display that have a desktop and Start Menu showing so potential buyers can “test drive” them and not walk away cursing the OS.

It’s probably just the long running option to remove the Windows logo when booting the OS, which can usually be removed with msconfig.

Slashdot reported that the source was unclear.

If this is true, than Microsoft might be able to sell copies of this OS, yet. OF course the damage to 8’s reputation has already been done, but at least Microsoft seems to acknowledge this. Better late than never.

Of course that’s assuming the above rumors are true.

After the dismal sales of both portable microsoft devices and pc’s, MS needs to generate sales somehow.

If the implement this in Windows Blue and offer the same 39.99 upgrade price they were charging when win8 came out… I might upgrade.

Windows 9 or 8.1 or whatever they call it should just be a service pack for Windows 8, because it allows you to have a Desktop like Windows 7 or Metro like Windows 8, its your choice with the new OS.

I agree.

The thing I don’t get was Metro started as optional and there was a start menu in the test releases if windows 8. They could have had both and please everyone. Someone thought it was a good idea to try and force Metro on everyone. It seems like a bad decision. Why even risk alienating people that might not like it (when you don’t have to).

I wasn’t willing to buy 3rd party apps to make Windows more like Windows. Even though I’d only count for one unit sell, I absolutely didn’t want to support the direction Microsoft went with Windows 8. It looks like I wasn’t the only one.

Zod, and your perplexion gets the foundation that the Start Menu folder structure is still there. And every screen-element’s color registry values are still there - like they have been since Win95-B. So full user customization via the UI would be possible IF ONLY they’d left the “Advanced” button on “Window Color and Appearance” dialogs available.

Users have had this split-personality choice between ‘themes’ before - since XP, in fact - stay Classic and familiar, go Aero (or whatever). Of course, Aero was soooo cute and glitzy, but NOW Microsoft has been saying, “It’s soooo resource hungry and we’re rather leave Power To The User-People.” As long as the people are treated to a Siberian Gulag Re-Education Program. Gee - any wonder why the masses aren’t boarding those Ballmer-Express railroad cars?

Actually, there seems to be a push to castrate all Classic features - Start Menu folder structure, registry values - and force us into a WinStore-Apps Start Screen mode only, where purchasing and constant tracking-of-user-and-their-apps can be done under the guise of greater security. There’s that hardened kernel again, too!

This all seems like another one of Basil Fawlty’s Business College lessons: “I could run this place so well if it wasn’t for customers!”

I know they removed the code for the Start Menu, but I also know it was still in included in the early test releases. This says to me it’s not hard to put some of these features back.

IE. I think MS is crashing and burning with their strategy and they’re going to have to take a step back.