Windows 7

What do I have to do to upgrade from XP to Windows 7?

Windows 7 will not do an in-place upgrade from XP. So you will need to save all your data to another partition, or preferably a different hard drive before doing an upgrade install. Saving to optical disks might be a solution if you don’t have much to backup.

Once you have everything saved, you can start the install with the Win7 disk, and if you have purchased the upgrade version it will look for the previous Windows operating system. You will then be instructed to do a custom installation, where the copy of XP gets deleted and Win7 goes in its place.

Win7 may or may not have all the drivers you need. I downloaded the latest audio and video drivers for my system and installed them over the generic ones that Win7 put in.

Once drivers are done you will have to reinstall your programs of course.

Usually when I do a upgrade or more likely a fresh install of a new OS I leave my old drive alone and cycle it down a spot in my machine. I usually clone the smallest drive to one of my bigger drives and just keep cycling out the drives as I upgrade, I have 5 in here for now:cool:
Usually if I have a problem I can boot to the older OS on the secondary drive that used to be my main boot drive, or if I need to use something that doesn’t work on the new one I may have it on the old one to use.
My last upgrade I did too many changes and XP wanted to be re activated which I didn’t bother to do, but usually if all your hardware is still the same except for a new drive and OS the old boot drive will still boot and work fine if needed and of course you can still access all files and things no matter what, it may just not boot.