Windows 7 will treat SSDs different to HDDs



I just posted the article Windows 7 will treat SSDs different to HDDs.

Solid State Drives (SSD) have several significant advantages over traditional hard disks such as faster read performance when reading data from multiple areas of the disk, less generated heat and…

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Very interesting, good to see M$ taking steps to fix the issues.


Microsofts bloated operating systems are likely to cause SSDs to fail sooner than later no matter how much marketing bullshit they promote.

I’ve gone the GNU/Linux route and haven’t looked back. Up yours Microshaft - go peddle your junkware on stupid morons with no sense.


Linux is still not user friendly enough for the vast majority of computer users.

M$ will be the dominant OS for a long time, until they either give us another major failure, or Linux becomes simple for noobs :stuck_out_tongue:

And then, it’ll just be spawning a whole new bunch of M$ regardless … which will be charging for tech support.


I agree. Linux is a pain in the ass. I just read where 80% of Netbooks that are “loaded” with Linux are being returned. I suspect a good portion of the others are sporting an illegal copy of XP in a dual boot setup. People get the Linux Netbook as it is cheaper, then figure out a way to put Windows on for cheap or free…A lot of folks have plenty of keys to use from swapping computers etc.