Windows 7 will not recognise or install

I am hoping someone willl help. This site is impossible to navigate.
Anyway, I am installing a new pc. I have had a nightmare trying to get win 7 x86 to install. I eventually did it by usb but still this drive is not recognised at all. I can’t even connect to update the firmware (i am on SB01). I can not see anywhere that this will help anyway. I can’t take it back as there are bends where the screws go in because i have taken it in and out so many times. If anybody could confirm that Win 7 will work if I update the firmware or if there is another way I would be most grateful.

Thanx in advance,

What drive do you have? Give us the exact manufacturer and model name.

Is it an IDE interface or SATA interface drive? (I have to assume you are talking about an optical drive) If it is an IDE interface drive, you have to set the jumper on the back of the drive correctly. A drive connected to the end of an IDE cable is set as Master, a drive connected to the middle connector is set as Slave. SATA drives don’t have this issue.

Look in the manual of your computer (or motherboard if you are building one yourself) and find how to get into the bios. Check to see if the drive is being recognized there.

Thanks Kerry56,
I got it sorted. The cables were loose it seemed- i have had to squeeze the sata and power cables as they were slipping out. Anyway it showed up under another install of Win 7 I had, so I updated the firmware. It would not install (still had the missing driver thing) but I did it on the new hard drive by usb and it showed up straight away.
For anyone who can’t install Windows 7 with this or any other drive, I highly recommend this;pop,
after spending hours trying to format, using cmd etc following technet and other forum suggestions to no avail, this just worked in minutes.