Windows 7 vs. XP



How do they compare. Is 7 good as XP?


Win 7 has proved to be a fine operating system for me. I have no real complaints with it. The Search feature within it is extremely useful, much more so than XP.

There are numerous advantages to Win7. Take a look at these if interested:
One not listed there is Trim support for SSD’s.

We are moving to 64bit operating systems. XP 64 was a disaster for driver support, so if you want to use a modern system and stick with Windows, Win7 is by far the best choice.


I am a long time XP user and skipped Vista. Windows 7 is a much more worthy successor to XP than Vista was supposed to be.


Yes Actually in my opinion 7 is better than XP

Cleaner, faster, smoother , Jumped right over Vista into 7 and not looking back.


[QUOTE=midnightmike;2521133]How do they compare. Is 7 good as XP?[/QUOTE]

There so different they can’t be compared one is in the 80’s the other is the 21st century… 7 has stuff from both worlds of XP and Vista but better integrated and simplified and more user friendly. It’s more like a hybrid of both worlds which is why I bought it in Oct '09 when it came out and haven’t looked back since. And trust me use 7 for some time and try and go back to XP and you will get a culture shock. I noticed that and thought :doh: how could I even think going back to XP was like going to the stone age. I give it my first born… lmao not… but it’s that good unlike :Z vista :Z also it install very well on older system and laptop unlike :Z vista :Z . I was able to install win7x86 on Dell B130 and HP NX9010 and those are old system. It did better install on the Dell compared to the HP but it did install and work. That is something I would put much confidence in :Z vista :Z. This tells you my love for :Z vista :Z bloat :a. Last and least is remember to update if you don’t - don’t come blaming us why doesn’t my O/S work. Always update and also read the updates so you know what your doing. That’s my rant and IMO take it for what it’s worth from some one whom used M$ O/S since it conception… DOS, Win3, Win3.11, Win95, Win98, :Z WinME :Z, WinXP…