Windows 7 upgrade

Hello Everybody, I had someone build a computer for me with Windows 7 Pro installed. Everything works fine until after 30 days. Then I started getting message that this Windows software is not genuine and I cant update. So I bought a new copy of Windows 7 Pro with a key. My question is this: Is there anything I should know about installing the new software over the old one? Drivers? Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks.:confused::a

You want to install new over old to keep your settings ect.?

you can just enter the new key code without installing the new disc

They also have a anytime upgrade that means you get the better version key, enter it, and it will add/upgrade the new better features to your base install.
Just entering your new valid key in the right place should make it happy, and if it’s a better version upgrade it as well. That’s how I upgraded my premium install of 7 64 to ultimate.
There should be a spot in start box or somewhere for it if that’s what you want to do. I found it but forget exactly where and now that it’s as far as it can go I don’t see the option anymore…
OK, the upgrade is for home premium only and they have 2 upgrade levels, pro, and Ultimate and each cost a bit extra, 89 and 139 right now.
Anyways if you just have a valid key you bought for the version you have now there is a spot to just enter a new key as well so either way you should be good to go as soon as you enter it then activate it within a certain amount of time.

Some additional thoughts.

Which of the two options
a) wipe the HDD and install from scratch or
b) enter the key, activate and go ahead
is chosen depends on the source of the installation media

Case 1
A genuine Windows install disc has been used without entering a key. Windows then stops working after 30 days.
All good, option b) is applicable

Case 2
The source if the installation media is unknown. Then option a) has to be selected.


Thanks eveybody and everything is running as it should be.

this situation comes up all the time when your computer service guy neglects to “activate” your windows install.

the thing to do is go to the “system” page and click the option to activate windows…

when the page loads click the option to “Activate windows online now”

Now it sometimes works, but in my experience even with Windows install packages that I received SEALED the “Activation” has never, I SAY NEVER accepted the CoA, (No, not even once) on Win7
or Vista. (and about 1 out of 3 on XP installs other than Dell computers)

At this point it’ll come up with a page of other options

IF the option is “activate by phone” (automated call system) is presented
click it.

you’ll first be asked which country you are caling from, after that a Page will come up with a phone number on top and a block of numbers at the bottom, there will be NINE blocks of six digits which you’ll need to enter with a touch tone phone (or speak the numbers) then you’ll be asked a
question “How many systems this copy of windows is installed on?”

I always answer “ONE” (even on volume/educational licenses), trust me on this,. (it saves additional aggrevation and my precious time…) and after a wait of a few seconds the femals computerized voice wills ay “verified” and then proceed to read you NINE more blocks of six digits which you need to enter, follow the instructions.

But personally I always choose the “Start over” option after typing in the numbers to have the all read over again before I push that “next” button.

the voice then asks “did you receive an error message?” if you didn’t you are done.

If it doesn’t work you need to call and bitch at them.

when you get a human on the line they will invariably try to rip you off by telling you you need to buy a new CoA… Not true, if you are stubborn and stay on the line you’ll eventualy be put through to a technical service
person who will usually (9 out of 10) help you through the process of re-validating your OS.

Remember in the US [I][B][U]Microsoft’s Stated policy[/U][/B][/I] is that the CoA goes to the [U][I][B]motherboard[/B][/I][/U], NOT the CPU, not the HDD or any other hardware but the MoBo. So don’t let any third world call center operator tell you differently