Windows 7 upgrade prices leaked

I just posted the article Windows 7 upgrade prices leaked.

A Best Buy memo has revealed the pricing and options for people who want to upgrade their existing computers from Windows Vista to Windows 7.

According to the memo, obtained by Engadget, Best…

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Win7, hmmm, I imagine there’ll be some hard core `60-70’s music to go along with the ads. Remember the Stones ‘Start It Up’?
I say we counter the ads with the line from the Who’s ‘Baba O’Riley’… “We won’t get fooled again!!!”

Been testing out Win7 x64 since RC1, it’s a pretty good OS, thou I feel 4GB RAM just isn’t enough to run it.

Anyway, this OS is MUCH better than Vista, thankfully I got to test Vista out at work, so I didn’t get burned by buying it.

I couldn’t give a damn about that bloated and sloppy piece of garbage called “Windows 7”. It’s more of the same poor quality junk Microsoft has been foistering onto the braindead masses, yet this time it has more nasty surprises.

Wake up people and get off the Microsoft drug. They are a cold, callous and despicable company that uses thug tactics to leverage their monopoly on the PC operating system market. Their are plenty of good alternatives to Microsoft junkware.

Yes, I’m bitter and so I should be. I’ve had it with Microsoft and their sub-standard products. Their operating systems are flawed, insecure and dangerous. Many users don’t realise this until it’s too late. Take action now to protect your privacy and security by choosing free and open source solutions eg. Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE.

There is nothing pissing me off more than Linux propaganda.

Think long and hard why almost noone is using Linux and nearly everyone is using Windows.

Hell, even Linux fanatics most often have a Windows partition on their computer too. Mac owners do too now.

ok, yeah I would love to drop vista today and jump onto linux, but unless you really know what you’re doing with it, then its very difficult to use! ever tried to install on linux? talk about mission impossible!!

Windows Vista/7 sucking is just an Internet meme, a bandwagon onto which every Linux fanboy wants to jump.

“Wake up people and get off the Microsoft drug. They are a cold, callous and despicable company that uses thug tactics to leverage their monopoly on the PC operating system market.” - Perhaps you should consider that Windows is in the number one slot now because Microsoft created a good operating system in the first place, one that the vast majority want to use.

“Their operating systems are flawed, insecure and dangerous.” - The only reason why it may seem to you that Windows is insecure is thus: It’s the most popular OS and therefore it’s the most attacked. Windows has its flaws, of course, but it’s no more and no less prone to vulnerabilities caused by human error in code than any other OS, including Linux.

“Take action now to protect your privacy and security by choosing free and open source solutions eg. Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE.” - “I want YOU for U.S. Army”, “Your country needs YOU!”, “VD is not V!” etc.

Some people should read the history from Microsoft,it just really isn’t good software developed by Bill that made the company big.
And a profit of about 85 % on every sold copy of windows should make everybody feel uncomfortable who buy’s one.

I may give it a try. Hopefully it doesn’t use as much memory as Vista.


Most of the lemmings who perpetuate Vista/7 nonsense have never even seen it, and those who have went in with the preconceived notion that it was going to be bad; and then proceeded to just repeat whatever crap they read on some fat unemployed virgin’s Anti-M$ blog.

@idc, i’ll have what you’re smokin!

i 100% agree with what limbojoop says!

I bet you’re a 360 owner too!:wink:

Care to elaborate a little and tell us why you agree with limbojoop? FYI, I’m a non-smoker.

Yes, I have a 360. Also a PS3, Wii and virtually every other popular home console released since 1990, so playing the “bias” card won’t wash with me I’m afraid.

Don’t get me wrong, I use Linux from time to time when it serves its purpose (such as cross-compiling for other architectures for custom router firmware, etc.) but I don’t worship any particular OS like an idol. I just use them when I need them, it just so happens that Windows gets the most use by far.

I just don’t see why people always jump on Microsoft citing their business practices. I’m not going to defend them here, I do agree that some of their past antics have been questionable; but you can bet your ass that any other company, regardless of size, will do things with which some of us might not agree, in the name of furthering their business.

steveo119, have you ever used a Canon printer/scanner/camera, bought/driven a GM car, eaten at a Pizza Hut or drunk Coca-Cola?

The fact is, many, if not most, large companies do things at some point which might seem morally wrong to you and me, but we use the products because we like the products. Just because you might not agree with their actions doesn’t automatically mean they make a shit product.

What I don’t agree with is people spouting off propaganda about how a product is a “sloppy piece of garbage” then citing business practices rather than actually stating what the problems are with the product itself. It’s even worse when they follow it up with a recommendation, but again fail to state what makes their preferred product any better.

You just have to ask yourself, who’s smoking the dope here? The people who come up with the propaganda in the first place, or those who fall for it? It’s certainly not me.

What about the poor old dads like me using windows XP who decided to leapfrog Vista (when it was clearly such bad news) & wait for Windows 7. Do we get an upgrade?
and is “more than 4Gb RAM required to run it” for real?.
I won’t ask what i should do about my laptop with the Windows 3.1 on it - geriatric but able, like its owner!:confused:

Nothing wrong with leapfrogging Vista, I did, a great deal of people I’ve talked to have.

As for the RAM part, I’m running Win7 x64, with 4GB RAM, sure, it’s plenty, but this OS just makes me feel like I should get an i7 CPU, and make the jump to 6-12GB, but it isn’t necessary.

Don’t know about your notebook with Win 3.1, gave mine away when Win 2000 came out.

Win 7 actually runs pretty flawlessly on my lappy with only 1 gig ram. for a month now, I’ve also had no problems getting any programs to run, and if there was a small glitch, win7 came up with a solution (probably ran it in compatible mode). The GUI is a little confusing after using the win95 interface forever, but I am pretty much used to it now.

Thank you for posting this link. I wasn’t aware of this.

4GB of RAM? How many processes are running in the freaking background. That is just absolutely ridiculous. And I thought this OS was suppose to be lean or something.

As someone who actually likes Linux you have to put everything into perspective. To do my job and communicate with work I NEED Windows. To do my job and communicate with work I DO NOT NEED Linux. Not hard to see which one gets the flick. Unfortunately a lot of people fall into this category.

As I need Windows I may as well go with the best and most stable of them which I have found to be Windows 7. Enough said.

Also although I can run a Linux system ok, I believe that there is far too much in Linux which is just too hard for people with only Windows knowledge to get their heads around.

They will just have to stay with what they need as it is stupid to to rack your head up against a brick wall unnecessarily.

Just stumbled on this site - have you all been under a rock for the last year ? Youre arguing something which has been discussed, disected, and determined to be pretty good - and not just by MS faithfuls - I tri-boot kubuntu64 9.0.4, XP64, and Win 7 RC2 x64
and have to admit - it is nice -