Windows 7 upgrade from XP

Windows 7 upgrade from XP instructions for using the Easy Transfer utility talk about copying files to a “removable media, such as an external hard drive.”

My system has two hard drives, the C: drive for the system, and the D: drive for backups (system image ala Acronis and data backups).

If possible, I would like to use my D: drive as the destination drive for the Easy Transfer utility (plenty of space available). Can I do this, or do I truly need a “removable” media?

Thanks for your help.


Your C and D Drives are probably on the same Hard drive, they are just partitioned Drives.

Microsoft would like you to use an external simply to make sure you don’t accidentally overwrite a partition, thus wiping out everything you saved.

You can try your D Drive and see what happens, it should work,be very careful not to wipe the whole hard drive if it is just a single drive.

Maybe someone else who has tried it will reply. I have only done complete wipes or dual booting clean installs no upgrades yet.

Thanks “old Bean”,

Actually, I do have two separated hard (identical) hard drives. It was a cheap way to facilitate Acronis total disk image as well as any other needs for isolating the hard drives.

I guess I will find out for sure during the Easy Transfer process of copying my files prior to starting the Win 7 install. Then, I hope the same logic holds on the way back. If it doesn’t work, I will have my full drive C: (system) image on my D: drive which I can use to get back to XP prior to the aborted Win 7 install.

I appreciate you prompt response to my question.


Good Luck and let us know how it ends up, so others will know also.