Windows 7 to be embedded on a range of devices



I just posted the article Windows 7 to be embedded on a range of devices.

Microsoft has confirmed it is ready to take its Windows 7 operating system away from PCs and notebooks so it can be used on HDTVs, set-top boxes, and other consumer gadgets.

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Windows Embedded Standard which launched last year was really Windows XP Embedded SP3. This is a fact.

I am a Windows Embedded Standard user. Its not as “embedded” one would expect. Its still bloated Windows under the hood and very cumbersome to reduce the embedded footprint of the O/S. Its a total 1/2 assed platform and I don’t believe its a realistic platform for embedded devices mentioned above.


I was wondering if Windows Embedded editions were as bloated as normal Windows versions. You would think not, as that’s the whole point of an embedded OS, but it sounds like it is based on your comments ivid.

Maybe they’ll improve with the Windows 7 embedded edition…