Windows 7 to be available for holidays

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Microsoft today confirmed it will release Windows 7 before the end of 2009, making it possible for PC makers to bundle the OS with their latest PC and notebook offerings.

"We’re going for…

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Well… I’ve just installed it yesterday, the 64 bit Ultimate, in matters of speed and stability it simply outperforms Vista, and they’ve fixed some stupid issues like the removal of the “New Folder” button from Explorer in Vista, the impossible safe removal of Ext. HDDs, and the loss of focus on right clicking a selection, still have to check my Vista bugs list though.

But for a short preview of a couple of hours, Win 7 was quite stunning, visually and practically, even though I’m still annoyed of the fact that you cannot choose elements from the start menu and quickly shut down by pressing the first letters as it was don in Win XP (the swift Win+U combination is replaced by the stupid mouse and drop down menu)…

It looks like Microsoft have learnt something from the Vista disaster… Let’s just hope they keep on the right way, maybe they will when me back and make me quit Mandriva Linux :wink:

Truth is with all the hype around it, it has made me very curious and even eager to try windows 7 out. Unfortunately, although i did have the test version available i never had the time nor the luxury to play around with the PC I have for working. I guess I will upgrade whenever i run into problems that make it obligatory.

“The company is desperate to get consumers to forget about Windows Vista” lol

I tried the previos beta release and even it was waaay better, faster, and more aesthetically pleasing than Vista. I love the way you can maximize a window by dragging the title bar to the top of the screen. If you have 2 windows and you want to do a split screen - you just drag the title bar of one window all the way to the left and then grab the other window and drag it all the way to the right.

I also just installed RC and like the look and feel of it. Like Hemispasm, I haven’t had time to fully explore it, but it would be better if other software providers would release beta versions of their own in order to better test it. For example, I contacted HP to help solve a problem with printer software. There answer was “When the Microsoft releases full version of Windows 7 then HP will develop the patch of software that will support Windows 7.” They did not even suggest I run in compatability mode! Sorry, this is about Windows 7 RC. I am also pleased at how easy Windows Media Player can be configured and works compared to Vista Ultimate.

I started using windows 7 about week or so. So far windows 7 out performs Vista in almost everything from gaming to simple browseing.