Windows 7 Service Pack 1 released!

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 released!

Title kinda says it all.


I can confirm here: :wink:

Old news that was yesterday :bigsmile:

Already loaded and running :iagree: :smiley:

[QUOTE=bean55;2576788]Old news that was yesterday :bigsmile:

Already loaded and running :iagree: :D[/QUOTE]

That is way old I got the RTM from softpedia some time back before it was pulled by M$ and installed and updated it already. I just recently downloaded this SP1 just for archival purpose though.

if it’s such “old news” how come nobody said anything?

Technet releases EVALUATION copies… “beta” releases.

I’m talking about “general release” as an “important update”


I have Windows update set to auto and I just received it last nigt, so it’s not old news as stated :rolleyes:

Either way thanks for the post :wink:

Let me clarify:

the Beta was out 10July10

The "RC Release Candidate sometime later
as was the “R2” version.

The RTM (Release To Manufacturing) or “final” ~15JAN11

And release to [I]selected[/I] microsoft partners last week.

“official” release date for SP! is 22JAN11

I.E. sometime yesterday evening.


“official” release date for SP! is 22JAN11

I.E. sometime yesterday evening.

AD[/QUOTE]Am I that far in the future then? :wink:

Guess language versions will follow later?

Guess language versions will follow later?[/QUOTE]German SP1 came with WU yesterday.


[QUOTE=AllanDeGroot;2576811]Let me clarify:

“official” release date for SP! is 22JAN11


[QUOTE=Da_Taxman;2576824][B]Am I that far in the future then?[/B][/QUOTE]


I was curious to see how long it takes on my main PC (Windows 7 x64), but kind of missed it. :doh:

I started the installation and noticed that it had to download ~80MB, so I went back to continue working on some video footage. A little over 5 minutes later, I switched back to see how the downloading was doing and it said that the computer must be restarted, so I clicked “Restart now”. It took about two minutes to shutdown to do some final updating and about another minute during the boot up before displaying a screen that Service Pack 1 is installed.

Certainly nothing like the tedious process I remember with Windows XP SP3, but then again, this PC has a Vertex 2 SSD. :bigsmile:

I’m sure installing it on my HDD based Netbook will be a different story . . .

On one of my notebooks it was only 44mb…


Downloading it now through Windows Update…
Have not checked history…but I am installing it anyway…

I’ll install it later today

I install is on my HP netbook (win 7 starter) last night. It took some time to install, but i wasn’t expecting to see amazing performance on a 5400rpm drive. Everything is working fine so far.

I used Windows Update for the install. I took the better part of 2 hours for the download to complete (I actually downloaded one other very small item with it). After that, I got a “Prepare to Install” which was out there for at least one hour (was it expanding the downloaded files?). At that point, I went to bed. When I woke up, the installation had been completed.

What I do not understand is how some people can complete this in under one hour. Either I am doing something wrong, or they are doing something different.

My advice - if you are using windows Update - start it off just before bedtime.

Whether one gets it now or later doesn’t matter to me. It’s the fact they got a SP1 out is all that matter and well it makes it easier to reinstall windows 7 now that the updates are on one disc. One still has the lastest updates but it’s not like so many to install at once or over time to get the fixes and patches up to date. I grabbed the latest iso from softpedia and burned the iso to disc and saved the downloaded iso file to a secure HDD for future burns in case the disc goes bad.

On one of my computers SP1 installed very quickly. The other computer with Win 7 failed on the download repeatedly.

I had to get a patch to Windows Update before it would download and install SP1 on that machine. The patch was nearly four times as big as the service pack!

Looks like it works without any problems here…
Download did not even take that long…