Windows 7 Programs

I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit and 32Bit. Roxio 10 works fine, as do most all of my programs. My dial up ISP does not work, and DVDFab Platinum and 1Click do not work. Anyone know which burning program and decrypter and ISP work? I am running Vista Ultimate 64 and 32 Bit as well as XP Pro 64 and 32 bit on my other two PC’s. I guess every time Bill Gates needs a multibillion dollar fix, he puts out another OS and makes sure that stuff does not work.

I got DVDFab and Net Zero to work on 32Bit Win7.

DVDFab Platinum 5230 works on 64Bit

I am using 64bit Vista Ultimate and Fab works great, so does most of my other programs, no problems, they also work fine on Windows7 64bit, not even a glitch.

1ClicktoDVD works great on Windows764 bit ( right click and and run as Administrator), its one of the first programs I tried.

Thanks Alan. i hate that administrator crap on my home PC.

Windows 7 64 bit does not work in Mobile Xbox mode with Version 6.0.2. or It crashes out with:
Task_1 Failed, Error=4 (501 18-…)