Windows 7 pricing gets official

I’m supprised they aren’t putting a price that isn’t annual! Like the other greedy ones who want money for every year to keep running their product!

well, actually, even though Win7 is MUCH MUCH better than Vista (talking about both 64 bit versions), but it is still buggy as hell!!! and still even holding some of the ugly bugs of the late Vista…

If you are an Adobe user, esp. Design Premium CS3, then WinXP 64 bit will be a headache, with Acrobat Professional not working for a starters, and the hours spent trying to install teh package without crashing… well, Win7 had it all going smoothly and shockingly faster than both winXP 64 & Vista Home Premium 64!!! but still I repeat, It’s Buggy as an infested copy of “Bugs Life”!!!

@ headquarter84
Not buggy this end and it’s used quite extensively on the video encoding side of things and some are quite demanding and win 7 is holding it up well compared to vista.

Some people are commenting that Win 7 is basically a Vista Service Pack with a different name and not much more…

By the way, it seems XP has more lifes than a cat. MS announced recently that it has extended it’s shelf life until, at least, April 2011. Meaning OEMs can keep on installing it for a good while longer than expected. I suppose it means many, like myself, think that it’s useless to change OS, since XP is more than enough.


I personally don’t like to mess with a new OS either; however, I’ve been using the Windows7 Ultimate RC1 for about a month now on an older Compaq that started out as a Vista Home Basic machine. So far, for what I use it for (mostly internet, playing DVDs, and watching movies on my home network) Windows 7 is FAR better than Vista was or ever will be.

I have a hand built that runs XP Home and it runs quite well. Because of the multi-media function of my hand built, I’m strongly considering investing the $49 in the new OS. I don’t mind throwing fifty bucks into the new OS, considering what I’ve experienced so far with the RC1.

Don’t get me wrong, I would like to use Linux on the hand built ( also my MAIN computer), but then neither my wife nor my grandson would be able to use it. By the way, I dual-boot Linux Mint/Winsows 7 on my personl laptop ( the Compaq “dinosaur”).

If I am reading this correctly then this is a one time offer to save on an operating system that is eventual going to replace my XP professional. If I upgrade at $99 now and don’t like the way it runs then can’t I just go back to my old XP and wait for a service pack? That way I get 7 cheap and I lose nothing in the bargain.

i myself cant wait been beta testing windows 7 for a while now its great !!! But I’m curious if the final build when released in stores this Oct if it will be stable ???:slight_smile:

Me and my fiance have alwready thanks to Vista working very poorly on OUR machines. Not saying its always junk, but was really junk preinstalled on the hardware we bought. Thank god for choice in a free market (well Microsoft’s monopoly does make that difficult).

i am using the beta version but now i m just waiting for the cracked version of window7. go to hell with guinea windows.

“…but now i m just waiting for the cracked version of window7…”

You forgot to mention your name and address for MS to thank you for beta testing

I thnk you’re kind of sad to have this attitude of waiting for a hacked version of windows 7!

I would rather wait until there was a hacked SP1 version!:stuck_out_tongue:

As much as I am sick of being stuck with Vista, I wholeheartedly agree with you. I’m gonna wait till 6 months after Seven’s release so I feel safe enough to buy it. And I’m gonna wait for reviews and complaints and all too.

Nope, not me!! I’ll just wait until my company buys it for me ;)… Oh… wait… I lost my job so… I guess I’ll wait with Steveo for the SP1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, well im goning to buy it like i said been beta testing since build 67 something no hacked version for me legit os all the way to many cracked issues bug fixes with hacked copies lol later all:)

i liked windows 7 easy to get around and easy to find things