Windows 7 pricing gets official

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A leaked Best Buy memo was spot on in revealing Windows 7 upgrade prices, and Microsoft has officially filled in the blanks today.

As stated in the memo, leaked to Engadget in early June,…

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Hmmm, I never buy an OS right out of the gate. I let the fools find all the bugs for MS first and then maybe, just maybe, I might make the leap to the new OS. My hand built PC runs XP Pro with no problem but I would like to make the jump to a 64bit OS sometime soon. The laptop I have runs Vista and I hate it. Had no choice in that affair.

Free on your favorite P2P website.

Most likely the street price for OEM versions will be more or less the same, so there’s really no reason to jump on this.

@shaolin. I agree with you, but try it out. I slapped a “trial” on my lappy and it runs quite nicely. It has a vista look, but it actually runs.

@Ramza…“trial” :wink:

I have to agree with Shaolin007. I didn’t make the jump from Windows 98 SE to XP Pro until SP2 was released. SP2 fixed a lot of stuff. I’ll wait a bit before I install a “trial” copy of Windows 7.

I will not be installing Windows 7 for a while. I am happy with Windows Vista X64 I have installed on my computer. I have never had any of the problems I hear about with Vista, so I don’t see any reason to upgrade.

Just doing your billing work and surfing the web does not count as “never had any problem”.

IT professionals said, say and will say the same thing, always : Vista blows, no matter how you look at it, period. If you think it’s working fine for you, then chances are XP and 7 would be working even better.

I agree, I am not going to be an MS guinea pig. I maybe switching to linux completely anyways.

Heh heh, I’m sure it’s nice for some folks to have “never had any of the problems” which Vista caused for so many. But when the guy in charge of the Vista effort calls the product a turd in front of a room full of MS employees, you can bet the product didn’t meet expectations. I think they may have put a bit more effort into getting it right with 7 as a result. :slight_smile:

Meh, If i buy a new system(don’t build systems anymore, can’t keep up with prices from high street shops, plus laptops are as cheap), then if it has windows 7, then great, but not going out of my way to buy it!

hmmm, so you can’t prepay for W7 ultimate? Why is that?

Almost the same situation here. I ran Windows 2000, probably the best OS MS has made to date, then made the jump to XP Pro only when SP2 was out. I don’t need a razzle dazzle looking OS. I would rather have something that is fast, efficient, and uses low memory. Memory prices and faster processors are no excuse for creating a memory hog or system hog.

While 7 might work better, as long as I am not having any problems with Vista, I don’t plan to upgrade to 7 unless it has some feature that Vista does not and I can not live without. Which is very unlikely. As for the “billing work and surfing the web” that is some of what I do with the computer.

I’ll be upgrading from Vista to 7 as soon as the final code is posted on MSDN.

window 7 runs nice but not that nice esspecially in this economy? that is half the price of a laptop? and about two tanks of Gas. haha LOL.

It works much better,no hardware problems,it even finds the right drivers for you,unlike vista,so many software programs with compatability issues. the only thing missing from W7 is outlook express but thats not a problem for the majority,sure MS want you to stick with their products in this instance MSN messenger and Hotmail account.
So you can sit there and swear on a loved one that Vista has never given you a problem ? Microsoft are scrapping vista and will no longer be supporting it,is this not a good indicator to you that it was buggy from the start ?

XP 64-bit is more than enough and skims along quite happily. Don’t know what’s all the fuss about a new Windows OS. It’s useless, almost no one needs the “improvements”. Waste of time, basically.

As for the pricing: outrageous. That’s what a monopoly does to your wallet: it drains it. It’s incredible the prices that MS is allowed to charge for this thing. And people go along with it. Or not… For most people, the choice is clear: P2P.

I am gonna get several pre-order copies. You are not going to beat 50 bucks for home premium and 100 for Pro. I want 2 copies of Home 1 for my HTPC, 1 for me Netbook and one Pro opy for my main PC. I like the enhancements for netbook battery life and also the improvements of the Media Center for my HTPC. I could probably skip the Desktop Pro version- but for 100 bucks, I’ll snag it since build my own PC’s and will soon replace my desktop I am sure. So I want a legit serial number.

I am not going to upgrade to Windows 7 anytime soon; I am quite happy with my XP 64bit, and even my Vista 64bit on my laptop for office working etc. Nevertheless, I also believe it is a fair price to pay with this pre-order deal. I can remember times when Windows were for more that 300E, compared to that 50-100$ is progress :slight_smile: