Windows 7 on netbooks fails to impress

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Microsoft has received compliments for its Windows 7 operating system, but the OS still has been unable to become relevant in the netbook market.

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Windows 7 Starter is fine, my daughter has it on her Asus Eee netbook (for school work, some MKV video/MP3 audio playback on car trips. Who the heck wants to playback a DVD on a netbook anyway? I did try Ubuntu (which I like) on a netbook, but MKV video was choppy. Windows is better suited for these little devices. If you want a full blown laptop, buy one… I like netbooks for the size and simplicity. I have a desktop PC at home.

Windows 7 starter just seems like a scheme to get netbook users to upgrade to Windows 7 home and make more money for MS. Pretty lame tactic IMO. It’s like a stripped down, trial version of Windows 7.

I just tested a Samsung SE-S084C drive on my daughters Asus Eee 1005HA with Windows 7 Starter and DVD file access and playback is fine as well as DVD playback with VLC (no CSS on the DVD thanks to Slysoft). I would imagine the desire to run more robust Windows 7 products on them will be more desirable to many, but at what additional cost?

I do know Asus makes a utility for my daughters Eee that can change the desktop background and it works fine. Perhaps others netbook mfg’s will follow suit.

Windows 7 Starter is not bad, but XP is better for these little devices today. That said, I will agree with the author that if MS wants to snuff out demand for XP, polish up Windows 7 Starter by giving it the ability to change backgrounds by default and a few other extras… Overall though, it is not bad considering our use for it and the fact we have desktop PC’s as well.

Win 7 Starter was said to be ideal to netbooks because it wouldn’t have the heavy stuff like aero, etc…, and so could run on a weaker system. I Can not see how a wallpaper and an external dvd drive, would slow the system down!!! I think like Blu-rayFreak said this is only a “scheme to get netbook users to upgrade to Windows 7 home and make more money for MS”. But i don’t think this is going to appen!! I think that: the netbook market will fall, because most people bought netbooks thinking that they were a small normal laptop not a weak system that couldn’t even play DVD fluently, and consumers will prefer the low end ultra low voltage notebooks that now sells for arround €450; or people will still buy netbooks but will dump win 7 and FINALLY Linux will RULLE, as there are more and more powerfull free software, that people will finally see that there is no reason to pay for something crippled when there is something better for free!!

I bought the AMD netbook which is comparable to the atom except the ATI 1250 GPU is better and it came with Vista which sucked eggs. Once MSi sent me my free Win 7 Home Premium upgrade I was able to say I am satisfied with my netbook but then again I have 2GB of RAM and a decent video card, unlike most netbooks with 1GB RAM. Win XP is not a real option since the support will go away in a couple years unless people consider them short terms devices.