Windows 7 installation help,it did mess up my xp

i have an hard disk with xp sp3 32bit (installed)

and a second hard disk (was empty)

well i wanted to install w7 on the second hard disk

i booted via dvd (w7) and installed on the second hardisk

but now the second hard disk with 7 doesn’t boot

the first hard disk with xp boots with a bootloader

with a bootloader with these option

previous version
windows 7
windows 7

in short previous version is xp
and i have 2 windows 7 :eek::eek:

in my xp now i have a folder Boot that i can not delete
and these files in the roots


is there a way to fix this mess ?

I want xp only in 1 hard disk without loader , the standard xp boot

and 7 on a second hard disk with 7 loader

i have not an image of my previous xp

  1. may i fix xp ? and get rid of the files w7 installed
  2. may i make the second hardisk boot ?

help please

The WinXP can probably be fixed by doing a repair WinXP install. I have no experience with Win7, but you might find something helpful from links at

You might know this but vista, 7 formats the HDD differently then XP. So if you want to have different bootable setups you will have to format first with 7 then format with XP to be able to use dual boot. Also if you search on dual boot on the internet there are also step to do dual boot correctly. So you should also do a search.