Windows 7 install fail / Primary IDE Channel driver?

I am trying to upgrade my desktop from Windows XP to Windows 7 via disk. When it asks me where i want to install Windows, i click next and it tells me:

“Windows cannot be installed to this disk. Windows needs the driver for device [Primary IDE Channel]. Click ‘load driver’ and select the required device driver.”

It doesn’t find anything when I click ‘load driver’. When I look in Device Manager it says the Primary IDE Channel driver is working properly. I am not sure what a Primary IDE Channel even is, so I am at a complete loss here.

Computer is an Insignia d300a, a second internal hard drive is installed,and I have been unable to locate the startup disk that came with the computer. I am not sure what other information is relevant, but let me know if you need more information.

All the data on the computer is saved, I just want to get Windows 7 on it…if there is no way to update that driver, is there a way I can format the hard drive and install Windows from the disk, or will it still give me problems because of the IDE Channel thing?

Are you doing a clean install or how are you doing the install? Can you be more exact as to model and make? Also did you make sure to do a Bios updated as well before going to 7???


You cannot upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7.

You can only do a ‘clean’ install of Windows 7 - then reinstall your programs-eh.

Sorry, yes, I tried to upgrade and after I found out I couldn’t do that I tried to ‘clean’ install it…same message.

I’m a newbie, how do I do a Bios update?


if Aunt Google is right, then this computer does have Intel’s i845 chipset. Windows7 shouldn’t have any problems there.

As for Bios updates, you need to check the support website of your computer manufacturer. Usually, there are also instructions provided with the update (if at all).

–> (yeah, that seems to be the manufacturer’s website)


Okay, when you do a Clean Install you need the Full Version of the Windows 7 OS you want to use. You Boot up from this Disc and Format the HDD you are going to use. If you have two HDD’s you pick the biggest newest one. If you have Data on the HDD, Back it up, and if the HDD’s are older than 3 years and not Western Digital or Seagate, I would buy a new one to use. :cool:

Ok cool, thanks for the info, I will try again in the morning and hopefully it all works out.