Windows 7 Home Premium

Hey, im totally new here but i hope im in the right section,
if not then tell me please :slight_smile:

ok my Problem is that i baught Windows 7 right now. Its here and im afraid to
take it out of the box couse im not sure if i can use it…

Its Windows 7 Home Premium, on the left side in the top theres written:
"Upgrade for Windows Vista*
And i dont have any os on my hard disk. Can i use this Windows for a New installation or should i give it back?

Any replies/help/suggestions are appreciated!

Hi and Welcome!

if a copy of Windows is marked as “Upgrade”, then you need indeed the previous version of Windows.
Upgrades can normally not be used for installing on a blank computer unless an install disc of the previous Windows version is at hand.

If the package is still sealed, see if you can return it. Get System Builder version instead. Full version, and much cheaper than retail and many Upgrade versions due to the lack of a colorful box and the right to call MS in case there are problems.


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If you do not have a Vista CD it will not work, it will ask for the Vista CD when installing and stop if you do not have the disc to insert.

Hey, but…its kinda irritating!

okay, i explain. My box look like this:

On the left theres the notice: Upgrade for Windows Vista*

*= For a upgrade of Windows Vista. If you want to upgrade windows xp you need to backup your files and (…)install it completly new.(…)

Als theres a text on the side:
Attention! This Upgrade is for Windows XP and windows Vista.

You should also know that i baught it in Germany, perhaps in your contry its different

Also i found this Link:

One thing where i am completly sure is, that if you want to install windows 7 from windows XP,
you need to install windows 7 completly new, and will lose all old files. So… can you follow me?

If its for Windows Xp it should also be possible to install it on an empty hard disk or not?

I tried windows 7 Beta and it’s way better that vista ^^b

There was a trick for installing upgrade Vista disks without having a previous Windows installation:

I’ve heard this might work for Win7, but haven’t seen any definitive reports.

Like what was stated in the other post, It is an upgrade from Vista meaning you have to have Vista installed on your computer first. It will not work for a new install of windows by itself

Man you are fast Kerry

You might be able to try this though as it worked on 98 to xp upgrade, borrow a vista disk and insert it and let your computer see it and right before you click install take out the vista disc and then insert the 7 disc and then it should let you install the system as this worked for me with my 98 disc

guys thanks but… i do not want to try any tricks. i paid 100 bucks for that os and clculated in dollar its ~150$ . For that money i want to have a working home premium thats it. So everyone thinks its just an Upgrade?
No possibility that i could install it on a empty hard disk?

You can install on a empty hard disc , but it will ask for your other disc during the install process to verify that you qualify for just an upgrade.

oh thanks! thats good isnt it? i have still my old xp installation cd,
original, also the old key. is that enough?

[QUOTE=ThePeace;2455000]oh thanks! thats good isnt it? i have still my old xp installation cd,
original, also the old key. is that enough?[/QUOTE]

it should, I don’t think that you need the key. maybe somebody can correct me if i am wrong.

Mr. Bill :cool:

The best bet is to go to MS and look there, I am pretty sure that it will work with the XP system but you will have to reinstall some of your programs, I looked at it awhile back and if I remember right you can install it over XP but you will still have to put in the xp disc first

Look here for upgrading to win7 from xp

Microsoft changed the way the upgrade works. You can no longer have just the disk from the older operating system to validate the new installation. You must start the upgrade from the older operating system.

It would be easiest for ThePeace to get either a full retail OEM copy, or install XP, register it, then let Win7 wipe it clean as it installs over it. It is possible to do a clean install on a second partition, but it is involved. See here:

OK thanks Kerry thats good to know because before all they wanted to see was that you had the older system to qualify for the upgrade and all you had to do was install the old cd and let it read it without really installing and then the upgrade would work

You should also know that i baught it in Germany, [/QUOTE]You live in Germany? If you bought this in a local store, I guess you paid at least 89 EUR.

A System Builder might be really the better option then, and it is cheaper (but you must decide if you need 32bit or 64bit): (32 bit) (64 bit)
78,95 EUR plus shipping (5,60 EUR)


@kerry: thanks! your answer was very helpful :slight_smile:

i have to admit that they let me pay 99 euro for it. and
i expected like 80… well i asked why and they searched on their computer and told me that there would be a cheaper version, which is not supported.

What do you think? I still have the possibility to give it back

[QUOTE=ThePeace;2455195]i have to admit that they let me pay 99 euro for it. [/quote]That’s th emost common local store price at the moment.

What do you think? I still have the possibility to give it back
This upgrade is useless for you since you want to install on an “empty” computer. Return that and buy a SB version as already suggested.