Windows 7 First Look: A Big Fix for Vista


From new User Account Control options to performance improvements, the next version of Windows seeks to address major complaints about the previous one–and our first look at an early beta suggests that it’s on the right track.



Why don’t they just fix vista?

Oh wait … there’s no $$$ in fixing something :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless it’s TV’s where they charge you $1800 to fix a $2000 TV :stuck_out_tongue:

debro you’re courting a slagging, saying vista is broken, many are happy with it but only god knows why!
I have a lap top with it installed, it’s ok but not a patch yet on my XP installation, perhaps when the next version of windows comes out it may be performing better after who knows how many service packs.
M$ will never produce what we want, a lean fast OS in which we can run non M$ programs easily. This is because they would lose control over the market and not be able to charge us through the nose for their software. That is their business model that has made Bill a billionaire.

I used to repair all manner of domestic goods but it has become almost impossible to obtain the spares coupled with surface mounted components. Alas I had to give it up, shame it was a nice little earner.
Again manufacturers control the products and can charge us what they like.:a