WIndows 7 cannot boot from USB Flash

Hey guys!
My friend has a brand new DELL laptop that boots perfectly fine
from my USB Flash Drive but my PC doesn’t. I set up the BIOS’ first boot device
on Removable and the second on Hard Drive. But it skips the flash drive and loads
Windows XP SP2 (my current OS).
When I set up the first and only boot device to be the removable
flash drive it then gives me the message Disc boot failure, please insert system disc and press Enter.
My BIOS is Award BIOS Type Phoenix - Award WorkstationBIOS v6.00PG.
My flash normally boots up Hiren’s Boot CD but why it doesn’t with Windows 7?

Did you use that utility thats available to make a bootable USB drive with win 7? You can google for it.

…or you could just google it for the “normal” way, there are like 500 tutorials on how to do it

Never mind. My BIOS was the problem. It turned out Boot other devices was Disabled.