Windows 7 burn appl gives error while writing image file



I’ve burned using my LiteOn before, both CD’s and DVD’s. Today I get an error after about 2 minutes of writing the image file: window with ‘Error - there was a problem buring the disc’, then buttons for erase data files in the burn window, quit, etc.

DVD is fine, it doesn’t even start burning. Tried increasing the pagefile, now min 2048MB, max 4000. Same. No issues before, worked like a charm. 2 GB ram, Win 7 Pro 64b. Trying to burn 3.64 GB on a regular DVD +R (same batch worked before). Driver and firmware worked, haven’t touched anything inside the case.

Can’t understand it. Will try another appl is I can’t find a solution.



Try ImgBurn. It is free and easily the best burning program available for Windows.


A toasted drive is a dead end.