Windows 7 Audials 4 & Pixie Codec Pack

After purchasing Audials and installing it on my Win7 pc, I noticed a new codec pack “Pixie Codec Pack” which seems to primarily use ffdshow and gabest. Searching it out, I came across this site and thread.

I already use ffdshow-tryouts with Haali but only for a very few formats because of the Windows Media Foundation now incorporated into the OS for WMP & WMC.

1-I am wondering if I can un-install this codec pack to avoid conflicts? Will Audials then use tryouts without issue?

2-Or does it solely access the codecs/splitters/filters in it’s program folder? If so, can I just replace them with copies of the already installed .ax files and decoders/encoders?

I noticed the merit values of the splitters/filters/codecs were almost universally set to preferred +1, over-riding tryouts if they are indeed used outside of Audials and I am concerned this could create conflicts in other software I have.So…

3-If I can’t remove them or copy my current codecs,etc into the program folder, can I lower the merit value to “unlikely” or at least less than normal or preferred?

Thanks in advance.