Windows 2K - HELP



Hi all, ive just moved over to Win 2k and no cdr apps want to work...

Cdrwin wants ASPI manager - any help on that end appriciated and nero wont work...

Help pleaes, cheers, ceeya.

Regards SD,


Hi guy! Do you have the Final of win2k?? I had this problem also in the RC3 I don`t know why! Just try the latest Version of win2k!

Good Luck

Big Daddy


I’ve got win2k final and NERO seems to be working



Just install the adaptec aspiinst.exe. You can find it on


cheers felas, thanks for your help…

I think i have the full version… bought it from a reliable trader as the ful thing… although it says 'copyright Ms … 1999"… shouldn’t that be 2000??? mmm… any hep appriciated ) Anyways, i got the ASPi manager and alls working… cheers again guys, ceeya.