Windows 2000



hey all, i just wanted to know what the final build is for windows 2000 pro? i have build 2195, which i hope has no timebomb in it. if anyone knows the correct final retail build, please tell me.


My version is also 2195 but in the info file that came with it “see below” it said 2195 server versions would expire, so i am guessing that if it is 2195 pro version then it is ok…


Û² Here’s the final build of Windows 2000 for you which will go RTM! ²Û
Û² The product will hit stores worldwide on February 17, 2000! ²Û
Û² ²Û
Û² Just for the guys who care - didn’t mention it in server version: ²Û
Û² All builds u got till now include a Time-bomb - your win2000 will ²Û
Û² expire in 120/444 days - the 2195 build you saw yesterday in a ²Û
Û² lot of warez channels will expire coz it’s an evalutation copy! ²Û
Û² This one is full retail & Upgrade.


Windows 2000 Professional, final version.
Windows 2000 Adv. Server, final version.


Windows Millennium Build

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