Windows 2000 Yamaha crw4416(SCSI)

I have read and tried many of the solutions found in forums for fixing various versions of NERO to work with windows 2000. I have downloaded Adaptec’s EZ-SCSI software for the wnaspi32.dll and associated files, tried those with nero, tried various versions of nero’s own SCSI drivers, and I always receive the error “SCSI/IDE” error as soon as the cd begins burning EXCEPT with the newest version of nero ( With that newest version, I can successfully get through the lead in writing process, then as soon as the burn begins, the hardware buffer on the burner just goes down until the burn fails… there is no actual indication mentioning buffer underrun by NERO although this is what is happening… Does anyone know of a similar situation, and an according fix?

I don’t know if the windows 2000 subsystems have degraded my performance this much, but I have never had problems burning discs at 4x using 95 and linux as well and my gut feeling says it’s something other than simply being too slow. I am really quite confused, and I would like to continue using NERO rather than any other software if possible.