Windows 2000 vs XP

Ok… after I get my new HD… Should I stick with 2000 pro or
switch to XP pro. Any advantages/negatives or so close why bother.



server ? use w2k pro

game machine ? use xp pro

office machine ? use xp home

“i play tetris and use wp 5.1” ? return the hd

I know most ppl prefer XP above 2k so I have to say: use XP. For gaming, XP gives a little extra performance.

About myself? I can’t stand XP. I have to work with XP at the office and I really hate all the textballoons popping up etc etc. Ok, you can disable some so that it looks a lot like 2k, but it never feels the same.

I am using both, on different machines. I prefer Windows 2000 Pro for most applications and uses. XP Pro does have greater compatibility for legacy applications, and I am sure its better for games. I actually had to disable so many of the XP “features” that I really wonder whether or not its worth the trouble. I consider some of the XP “features” just adware and spyware, or just not good enough to use. Does anyone actually use XP’s built it recording? If you already have XP you may want to try it. I don’t think I would purchase it, I received my copy with a new machine. I know that this is not one of your considerations so I wont elaborate, but am saying this for anyone else reading this post. Stay away from XP Home! It has the all worst attributes of XP Pro and is really a downgrade from Windows 2000. My recommendations, respectfully, differ a little from Mr. Belvedere’s, and tend to agree with Dee-ehn’s.

1.) Server? use Linux or W2K server

2.) Game machine? use XP Pro

3.) Office machine? use W2K

I once installed XP on a Dualboot with Win2k. After a few weeks, I deleted the XP because I never used it.

So I guess if you are happy with your Win2k, you should stick with it. For people who know how to handle Win2k, XP doesn’t bring much advantages (at least I didn’t find any).

linux boxes make the best office machines.

if you are asking about switching - then its probably better to go to winxp. otherwise, why ask ? :wink:

Im multitasking heavily with programs, browser etc and Xp professional does it for me…so far :stuck_out_tongue:

if 2k works for you (as it does for me) I see no reason to pay more money for an OS simply because it’s newer (if it’s better, then maybe, depends how muchbetter :))

xp works for me. far more stable than w2k. i recomend xp pro.

haven’t used the home version though.


Server = 2000 Pro

Everything else = Xp Pro


See now, I’d say the opposite, Win2k has been in my experience far more stable than XP. When I installed XP it was always flaky and crashed a few times on me as well, so I went back to 2k.

Windows2000 on one box and Xp pro on another.

The W2k box is been running for almost 9 months, and no problems. the one machine that has XP has given me some grief.

But they are similar, and the xp themes can be disabled to look like windows2000.

It comes down to personal preferences. Do u want your neighbors kids getting on your computer and finding the files that you purposedly hid?? That is a good feature for the box(the ability to lock the box down).

But since I use both I notice that XP has a few extra things that are built into that 2k doesnt have. And some of those things I dont use.