Windows 2000 SP2 Realeased

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Microsoft have officially released Service Pack 2 for Windows 2000 users. For more info, read the FAQ and to download it, click HERE
Source: Microsoft

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thanks a lot…I hope it works better than sp1 because my pc only got slower with it…

The download link works fine, but the FAQ link is dead. I looked up any info in microsoft’s site and there is nothing about SP2 for win2k.

this is cool, but is it a beta, of the final? pretty important

Where is the sp2 network version ?

Where’s the Swdish version? Will I have to wait for that another few months??? :frowning:

According to VIAHardware it is the final, and they also have a link to the working FAQ over at ntcompatible.

Now lets hope the Dutch version wil be out very soon :4 …Jimmy

Here ya go folks:

Do I have to install Service Pack 1 before installing Service Pack 2? Or does the SP2 inlcude all the fixes that are in SP1 as well?

“NT Compatible” also has the sp3 fixes list on it’s win2000 section, can it be???

just install sp2. its comprehensive. it already includes all the fixes from sp1. as for the sp3 fixes list, its just a list of all fixes after the sp2 fixes have been finalized. obviously, microsoft will include all fixes into one huge files after several fixes are out. so that sp3 fixes list isn’t final yet.

Thanks follerec! :slight_smile:

no probleymo. now, can anyone confirm that this is the final sp2 and not just a beta/prefinal version? any info would be great concerning this. before, sp1 was discovered on the servers, then the day after m$ announced right away. right now, its been two days and no announcements yet. are they waiting for something?

follerec Serdar Yegulalp [] said in his newsletter that its final

Well the MS site is now updated… Now, finally it’s official! :slight_smile: But they only have the SP’s in english and german so far… :frowning: I’m still eagerly waiting for the swedish version of SP2… :frowning:

When the shit hits the fan…Installed the SP2 on 2 computers yesterday. Both mashines boots much slower. Also slower reaction when accessing any prog…