Windows 2000 SP1 online

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Even at it’s not online yet on the Microsoft website this should be the real deal.
And here you can check what’s supposed to be fixed by this service pack:

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Well I don’t know about this, if this SP-1 is as good as recently relased SP-1 for office 2000, I would completley forget about it since that Office SP-1 utterly destroyed my System MS knows that there is a problem with their recently released patch or SP-1 for office 2k, but choose not to discuss it.
I know the post says that this sp-1 for win 2k has been tested, but I still be carefull and judging by what happened to me before I’ll wait to see if some one else is brave enough to use it first.

The SP won’t work on the dutch version of Win2k! :-((((((

I hope my sound card will work now pci64

Look at these:

Here you can download SP1!!!

Good Luck!

SP1 causes problems with BlackIce Defender and ZoneAlarm. If you use one of these programs, you’ll need to disable it to get online, or, in the case of ZoneAlarm, reduce your Internet zone security setting to “Medium” (in Internet Properties).

Norton Personal Firewall seems to work just fine though.

Now, if only I could find a site to download Windows 2000.

michel I have a working PCI64 (actually an Ensonic AudioPCI ES1370 chip) on Win2k (without the service pack).

I see on page 3 of the list, microsoft offers the following fix:-

Q266420 Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 Fixes for Stress-Induced Issues

Perhaps I won’t need to kick my PC in future whenever it crashes!!!