Windows 2000 server cd

I have recently moved and I am having problems with my windows 2000 server and I can’t find my cd.

Does anyone have access to an online source?


Hi Peter, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Here’s what Microsoft has to say about a related problem:

Troubleshooting Windows 2000 Server

When installing Windows 2000 Server, you might encounter problems caused by, for example, bad media or incompatible hardware. The following table lists some of these common installation problems and offers solutions to resolve them.

Problem Media errors
Solution If you are installing from a CD-ROM, use a different CD-ROM drive. If you still receive media errors, request a replacement CD by contacting Microsoft or your vendor.

I suggest you contact Microsoft or your vendor and request a replacement CD-ROM.
You will most likely have to produce some documentation that you have a valid license.