Windows 2000: Product Activation?

I just posted the article Windows 2000: Product Activation?.

A post on The Tech Report, have maybe revealed plans, that Microsoft wants to put product activation on Windows 2000.

A post on The Tech Report suggests that Microsoft just might be preparing…

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doesn’t sounds good… :r

Well I have W2K and Explorer 6 preview, and It doesn´t look that way in my PC. Not MSlicensing key on mine. Maybe Mr. Lettice have to make more research on it before getting his conclutions.:slight_smile:

I guess we’ll have to use Opera then.

I agree with memo. I have win2k with ie6b and that key doesn’t exist on my registry.

Who knows what microsoft does, but i have headr that it is included in the Service Release 2.

The monster from Redmond has struck Again!!

i got win2k advanced server with ie6 build 2463.52. that key doesn’t exist on my machine. this is useless. people who’ve been running win2k for over a year now will complain if they have to suddenly register. and those that have set up multiple machines will probably go crazy with having to key in the code or call microsoft for all their computers. sucks microsoft. if you want to stop piracy, why not just lower your prices. that way everyone who would have pirated it would have bought the real thing instead. try to get the bare minimum profit per box. i think most people would love that and go out and buy.