Windows 2000 + pioneer 108

Im running windows 2000 with a pioneer 108( piodata actualy but the same im told ), In win Xp it burns at 8X no problems every time. In win 2000 will only burn at 4X - windows and all burn software are all up to date.
Software used are… Nero - copytodvd…
Can anyone help please ???

You don’t mention if Windows 2000 is limiting the speed offered in the programs or whether thats just the maximum you’re able to burn at.

Check that DMA is enabled for the IDE controller your 108 is sat on. Its possible that WinXP was configured correctly automatically whereas Win2000 wasn’t. To check the settings you can use Nero Infotool, click the configuration tab once the program has inspected your system. If its set to DMA off then that might be your problem.
To change it, right click the “my computer” icon on your desktop, click properties, choose the Hardware tab, and then click on Device Manager. Double click IDE ATA/Atapi Controllers and then double click the Primary or secondary channel. In the new box that pops up click Advanced Settings and then change the transfer mode to DMA if available.

Hope that sorts it out for you


Simply check DMA.