Windows 2000 just blew up on me and then disappeared!

Oh god, somebody please tell me there’s a way to fix this.

I was about to watch a DVD so I popped it in and told PowerDVD to start playing it. Then all of a sudden I got some kind of BSOD. Don’t remember what it said. But I just rebooted the computer and windows started to load (the progress bar appeared for a moment) and then I get a Windows 2000 STOP error that says “inaccessable boot device”.


I try to tell it to repair windows and it says my drive “has been erased or windows was never installed”.

I go into emergency console and ran fixmbr and tried to run fixboot, but it said something about no drive.

So I go to the installation part where I choose which partition and it says “Setup cannot access this disk.”

Anyway, what can I do?

Here’s how my drives were configured:

partition 1: 40 GB
Partition 2: rest of drive

What if I told windows to create a 40 GB partition and then run some kind of data recovery program on the rest of it? Somebody please help, you would not believe how much data I’ve lost (200+ GB).

Let me be a little clearer. WHen it says windows cannot access the disk it doesn’t mean it can’t access it. It can see it and it tell sme the size of the disk. But it can’t find any partition information on there. It’s just corrupt info.

I had a similar experience once. I fixed it with this program called “GetDataBack for NTFS”. There’s also a “GetDataBack for FAT”. Maybe this can help you out: the program just checks every square millimeter on the disc for files and makes a filetable out of that. It could be that after doing this, some files you deleted earlier appear again, but I don’t think that’s the worst thing that could happen!

By the way, this repair can take quite some time, to fix my 60gb partition took me about 2 days!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’m gonna go try that. It’ll take forever on my 480 GB RAID system!!!

something else to try would be to get a disk image of someone else’s boot disk and try to run “chkdisk /r”. When I had that problem (actually “unmountable boot volume”) on WinXP, that got it running in a bit under an hour. Just reply if you need further advice or a boot disk image.

I don’t have a bootdisk image.

You can use norton systemworks, it’s a bootable cd and perhaps able to correct the problem, or you can use erd commander to boot into your system

I found my Win2K disk!

But when I told Windows to do the 3 repairs that it can do automatically it gave me a page fault error (BSOD).

I tried that chkdsk /r and no luck because it doesn’t recognize that there’s a C: drive.

Have you checked the physical connections to your disk?

I will check on that. I did move my computer yesterday, although I had been working on my computer for several hours before it crashed.

Physical connections appear to be fine.

Luckily I was already planning on building a dual PIII system w/ 3 120’s for a RAID 5 system. I had all the parts but the raid 5 card and the CPUs are coming today. So I rush ordered the raid 5 card and I will just initially build the system w/ raid 0 and run that GetDataBack program across the network.

Found the problem.

I actually went in and checked the RAID configurator and it says that my drive #4 has failed. I have re-checked the connections and they still seem to be good. What can I do?

These drives are nearly brand new. I bought them about 2 or 3 months ago brand new from Dell. So I don’t understand how one of them could fail.

I’m booted into Win2K off a 4 gig drive that I have and I installed the RAID monitoring software for my system.

It says that although the drive has failed, the SMART status is ok. But it has N/A for capacity of the drive and transfer mode.

So am I SOL? 1/4 of the data to each file will be on that last drive. So I don’t see how a data restoration utility would work.

If you have raid 5 just replace the defective disk and tell your raid software to restore the data, if you have raid 1 just tell the software to break the miirror and restore the data from the remaining disk, if you have raid 0, well…
You’re f**ked i’m afraid.

go into dos and from the a propmt type
fdisk(you need a startup disc w98 will do) wait first choose without cdrom support
from the a propmt type
pick show partition info should be 4

it will show the partitions

what its probably doing the bad partition is booting first if thats the case format it
and then delete it

the choice will be delete no dos part(if ntfs)

or delete dos partition if (fat32)

c is not the drive it is a partition
disk is all partitions!!

warning be very careful !!
once done never go back!!
remember first format then delete the bad partition or else it mixes with the other one unerased!

you can study this more on google
good luck

if not the case forget what i said!

The problem was with the RAID array itself. It said that one of my PHYSICAL drives in the array had failed. So Fdisk would do me no good, because it wouldn’t see the drive. It’s all NTFS anyway, so I wouldn’t want to use Fdisk.

Anyway, it turned out that although it said one of my drives had failed, I think it was a data error and I actually created a new array using the same 4 drives. Since creating the array doesn’t destroy the data, I am using GetDataBack for NTFS and it appears to be working.

I set up a 2nd system w/ 3 120 GB drives in RAID 0 and I’m using the program over the network.

Its gone through about 3% of the drive in about 7 hours, so I think it’s going to be about 10 days before it’s finished. Maybe a bit longer. So I will let you guys know if this works. It appears to be. it is finding filenames of my files from my original boot partition. That’s 40 gigs, so it’ll be awhile before it hits my data partition.

Thanks a bunch to whoever suggested this awesome little program.

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Thanks a bunch to whoever suggested this awesome little program.

No problem :wink:

Just one thing: please don’t switch off your computer during the process, that could give many problems!

sorry :confused:

its good your getting it fixed:)

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No problem :wink:

Just one thing: please don’t switch off your computer during the process, that could give many problems! [/B]

Oh don’t worry, I leave them on 24/7 anyway. :slight_smile:

Just thought I’d mention that I got my data restored. That little program was amazing.