Windows 2000 for DOWNLOAD!



hi guys
can you guys please give me the site where i can download the full retail version of WINDOWS 2000???


have a nice day!


good thing you ask - i just downloaded the whole thing myself. it sucked, though cuz i only have 56k, so im hoping that you have broadband…otherwise it will be hell. anyway, has it on a stable server, and i used go!zilla to download. good luck.


Windows 2000 Professional, final version.
Windows 2000 Adv. Server, final version.


vinculum: on that site, you cant use go!zilla to help with the downloads, though. they are some stupid webdrive server idea.


I agree Squage, Freediskspace and that kinda sites suck! I’m behind a firewall, so it won’t work at all… By the way do you or any other one here, know another site for download Windows 2000 Advanced Server?