Windows 2000 doesn't mount cdroms

I changed to Windows 2000 Pro recently, and I’m very happy with it, but there’s one really annoying bug involving CD-ROM drives: sometimes, usually after having uninstalled a program or burned a CD, it doesn’t mount inserted discs anymore (i.e. doubleclicking on the drive icon shows me a “please insert a disk into drive x:”). :mad: :mad:
To fix it I have to log out and back on, but in case I need to access a DirectCD volume I must restart. This is making me very upset because I have always something running in the background from morning till evening (edonkey, flask, lame :wink: ) and I hate either stopping them or going on without cds!
The weird thing is that while Windoze doesn’t access the inserted discs, other software like Nero or Plextools correctly display the kind, size, label, type, ISRC, # of tracks… EVERYTHING!
I have Plextor SCSI CDROM and CDRW but this is not a SCSI issue because it happens also on my Nec ATAPI DVD drive.
I found nothing about it in the microsoft knowledge base, and don’t know if it’s a sp2 issue (never used win2k before… sp2 was already out). It also happens to a couple friends of mine, so I think it’s a win2k bug… or maybe I’m using some software combo that ain’t good :confused:

Some useful specs:
TB800 - VIA KT133/686b - 4in1 4.37 - DirectCD3.05, Nero

I really need some help or I’ll go nuts… Anyone out there has getting this same probem?

Thanks in advance

I have the some problem sometimes.
Only this week I found out that clicking in Windows Explorer in the folder pane (where all the drives are listed) and then pressing F5 (refresh) it seems to work find, then it recognises the CD-ROM fine.

I don’t know (have not tested that) if there is any connection to me shutting down Plextools, but it is worth to give it a go.

Let me know if it works.

Hi Taxman, thanks for your interest!

Unfortunately the refresh doesn’t work, both in the tree pane and the normal “my computer” window.
By default I don’t have PlexTools in the startup options; I tried a lot of times opening it, reading info about the cd, reading ISRC, then switching to windows explorer, refreshing… no way!

Isn’t there a more “aggressive” form of refresh? Like rescanning the scsi bus, or some trick in the hardware panel? I still didn’t try to disable and reenable a CDROM in the hardware list, I fear it will mess up with drive letters :eek:

Right now I’m playing an audio cd with Plextools; the windoze file system seems unaware that the disk is in the drive… I launched the windoze’s cdplayer.exe, and it sees the disc and plays it nicely :confused: :confused:

It seems that this bug applies only to a portion of the windows’ ability to access the cd!
If logging out and back in solves the problem… what does windows during the login? Does it rescan all the devices? So, why can’t I just rescan them right here when I’m already logged on?

Mmmm… I don’t want to give up already! :slight_smile:

That is what I thought was strange too.
When looking in Plextools what the properties of the drive are I found that it listed the properties of the inserted CD-ROM.

At first I thought there was something wrong with the CD (old backup), but when I closed Plextools and did a refresh in Explorer it recognised the label of the CD-R and I could again access it. (and the problem occured with original CDs too, even Microsoft CDs)

I don’t know if you have searched in the Microsoft knowledgebase to see if this is a known problem there (won’t have time to search for it myself until tomorrow evening)

Maybe I’ll mail Microsoft with this question (didn’t spend that much money on Win2k for nothing).

I have the same problem with W2k. Same case: scsi cdrom+writer + ide dvd. None recognized… need a reboot. Very strange…:confused: I haven’t found any solution either… :frowning:

I’ve been told in another forum that I should remove DirectCD because it’s causing all this mess.
Mmmm… it could actually be so, being that DirectCD constantly monitors drives for inserted media, and puts some VXD which “interfere” with windows file system, doesn’t it?

For myself, I do not have DirectCD loaded.

Today I had the same problem again, but when I opened Plextools and had it scan the drive (identifying the disc) and then closed Plextools, did a refresh in Windows Explorer I was able to see the disc again…

Don’t know what exactly is causing this and why going about it as I have this morning seems to resolve the problem…

Maybe tonight (after my exam) I will search with Microsoft…

same problem! I doesn’t have plextools or directCd

software: win2k, Aspi 4.6

I’ve tried 3 hardware configuration:

1)reader dvd olidata
2)reader dvd olidata + plextor writer
3)dvd writer

The problem is the the dvd reader or writer doesn’t see the dvd O.o

No apparently reason (the dvd are correctly read in others computer and in other computer with the same drive so teh drive aren’t broken)

Any ideas or suggestion?