Windows 2000 crashes during or right after burning a DVD...Toshiba 5002

I use the Toshiba 5002 with RecordNow Max. I had no problems until recently…somehow during or right after I burn a DVD, my Windows2000 reboots. This has become very annoying, especially when it happens during the burn process and produces a coaster, not to mention an hour of wasted time. If my computer reboots after the burn process, the DVDs that are created are fine. I’m not sure if it is a software issue, drive issue or media issue. I have a 100 pack of LEDA discs…which are really Princo 1X DVD-Rs. I thought LEDA wasn’t Princo when I bought them and found out differently. Funny thing is that someone sent me 10 of these LEDA discs when I first bought my burner and I had no coasters from that batch whatsoever, but my computer wasn’t rebooting then either, and so I confidently ordered them…cheap…under $1 each. Anyway, I have tried uninstalling all other burning software, my computer has no viruses, and I have done extensive RAM tests (no problem with 750+MB of RAM on a 950MHZ Athlon system)…my ASPI layer is up to date. I also turn off all antivirus software and other non-essential tasks before burning (after a clean boot) and it still happens. Does anyone have any suggestions here or know what might be causing this? I read somewhere that it might be my power supply causing crashes, but my computer does not do this with any other process at all, including some pretty heavy duty encoding. Any help would be appreciated.

Can anyone help? I should add that if the burn is complete, as soon as I close RecordNow Max, my computer crashes and reboots…if the burn is not complete when it crashes, my computer reboots, and often has to go through a routine on bootup that seems to take 10-20 mins, checking files, etc., and re-writing things…not sure why this happens sometimes and not at other times. I defrag often, so know a fragmented HDD is not the issue. Right now, about half of the DVDs I try to burn end up as coasters on account of this issue. Someone, please help.