Windows 2000 + cdrom/rw trouble


I`m having trouble helping a friend with installing a burner on his
Compaq5000 running win2k

At first all went ok, the os recognized both the original 12xdvd and the newly installed benq4012 writer. Then, after installing nero both drives dissapeard from “my computer”.
Then nero was uninstalled, but it made no difference.
Looking in device manager, both drives are listed with a yellow “!” and error code 31
(win2k cannot locate or load drivers)
Tried to uninstall/reinstall drivers, says everything is fine but Its still the same. Does w2k need specific drivers? In w98 Ive always managed with the generic ones.

Ive tried different master slave settings, and the computer recognizes both drives, but it seems its the os that is my headace - And I`m not used to w2k…

Suggestions anyone ?? :wink:

I had the same thing happen to me once, but mine was out of the blue for no apparent reason. If I remember correctly, I done what’s on this page and it got them working again…;en-us;270008&

That was spot on…thanx m8 :wink: