Windows 2000 build number?



Hi can someone help me please.

I am using Windows 2000 now .. but it's buildnr. (5.00.)2195.

What i want to know is: is this the final version or some late RC or something??

I'd appreciate some advise.


When windows 2000 was released it was known to have at least 63,000 known bugs within it…i don’t think the final release will be out for a while


That’s the final release !


The 2195 build was the final release… but at the last minute before release microsoft had to make a few changes involving the video. The big deal about this wasnt the chages as much as the fact they left it titled the same build number… The retail boxed version is still build 2195 not even a 2195b or anything just 2195. This caused alot up roar with alot of people. There are articles about it if you search the web. I been told that if you have the “GOLD” 2195 (pre-retail) you have the better less buggy version.
Hope this helps.