Windows 2000, ASPI, Clony, HELP!

Hey guys…I’m confident you all will be able to help me…

So today I made the decision to format my harddrive and get rid of Windows 98 in favor of Windows 2000. Clearly, I did a clean install and chose NOT to merely upgrade and convert files.

Now, when I try to use files like Audiocrusher (to rip cd’s) and even my beloved ClonyXL I get this error saying that I have to update my ASPI files…

My problem is that I have NO IDEA what they are, WHERE to get them, and WHICH ONES to get…if ANYONE can help me on this issue I would be most grateful…I am slinking into the pits of eternal despair, mourning the loss of my old system…

I feel like a moron…one moment I have this powerful rig capable of doing just about anything I want…and then I go and “upgrade” operating systems and my machine is reduced to being a veritable cripple. sigh

Please help me out!


Oh yeah…speaking of OS’s…anyone have recommendations for the best/most stable operating system for games and what this site is all about - back ups? Input would be appreciated!

You can get an aspi layer using force aspi from here:

I am currently using windows xp for everything, games, burning, etc. with NO problems whatsoever.

I’m running WinXP here too (with ForceASPI) and it’s working fine. Although games will sometimes give me problems because I have a VooDoo 3 gfx card for which there are no official WinXP drivers. But for the rest I has given me way less BSOD*'s :slight_smile:

* Blue Screens of Death

I had a problem something like that, I dug around until I found ASPIMe (not the crap from Adaptec) Steve Gibson {really good utils on this site!} unfortunately Adaptec seems to have a copyright on something there(that they couldn’t do right ) but S.Gibson fixed … anyway if you want Email me and I’ll send you a copy of it.
There’s 2 programs, ones to check the ASPI layer, the other is the installer.