Windows 2000 and games, do they match?

Can I play games with Windows2000, and is W2000 faster than W98 when playing games?

One of the problems that i know of in Win2k is the serial number in the DirectX versions shipped with Win2k, updating your DirectX should fix that. That might take you one step closer.

I just loaded windows 2000 and so far I have had success with unreal tournament, sim city 3000, the sims rollercoaster tycoon, and my brother says halflife works also. I had to get the updates to make a couple of them work right. My only problem is getting DirectCD 3.01 to work. I hate Adaptec but I like directcd. It will install but it gives me a blue screen until I unplug my external writer and start it up in safemode to uninstall and try a different method of installation. I am planning on abandoning Adaptec all together and find a new program that will work on Win 2000