Windows 10 will use telemetry data to troubleshoot and automatically fix issues


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Microsoft has announced it will start using Windows 10 telemetry data to help users with computer problems. Users with problems currently have to find the right troubleshooter to try to solve their issue. Troubleshooter is a tool in Windows in which users have to manually walk between different steps to resolve their issue.


Too bad I turned off any telemetry data already by using hosts blocker.


I used to think that’s what would happen back when XP was new. I think we all remember getting those fancy new messages, which said something about the program crashing, and something about submitting the error to Mircrosoft.

Having seen Windows remain just as buggy as it’s always been, I feel like it’s safe to say this latest gimmick is just more surveillance crap. The bugs won’t get fix. Instead, Microsoft will just have more data to sell to the god-knows-who. (The NSA?)