Windows 10 users targeted in new social engineering attack

Cybercriminals who previously exploited vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player, Java and Internet Explorer to infect users with malware, now make use of social engineering to distribute ransomware. The developers of the Magnitude exploit kit that previously abused vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer and Flash now use new tricks to infect their victims with malware.

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intaller update file? from image
Microsoft might be a little inept but even they have spellcheck

I find it interesting that a *.lnk file is used to infect the machine. *.lnk files are launcher shortcuts and typically have not real executable cod in them. If you’ve ever used the left mouse button to drag a file to a Windows desktop, you’ve probably noticed the “Create shortcut here” option. That is a *.lnk file. (BTW, the .lnk file extension is always hidden from Explorer, even if you have your computer set up to show file extensions.)