Windows 10 to get Internet Explorer “light” browser



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Microsoft is working on a whole new browser that should accompany Internet Explorer in Windows 10.

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It seems Microsoft loves to fix everything… except for those pesky things that are actualy broken. As long as it works, it will be “fixed”. The idea of using menus is a classic example of this. First there were ribbons, then there were full-screen menus. Once there were interfaces with rich color gradients to make the windows look appealing. Now everythings even flatter than they were in the '90’s.

Soon there will be a web browser that won’t even try to work with “old” webpages. Gee, I wonder why Google Chrome (or Chromium) is so much more popular than IE. Could it be that IE is just getting worse and worse with each new version?


IE is actually more popular than Chrome. It has 59% of the market so I think you’re getting your facts a little mixed up. Even though the current IE is as fast as any browser out there, IE hasn’t been my first choice due to the lack of extensions or add-ons, but at least they’re moving in the right direction with the next build.