Windows 10 tiff file not recognized when created by PANA LINK program


PANA LINK is a program used to fax and scan with the Panasonic KX-FM260 multifunction fax/copier/scanner. Documents scanned using the program are saved as tiff files which are viewable and printable using the PANA LINK program in Windows 10 64 bit. However, the tiff files do not appear in File Explorer and are not seen when trying to attach to email using Hotmail.

Luckily I dual boot Windows XP, and the tiff files created with PANA LINK in Windows XP do appear in Windows Explorer and can be seen to attach to email. Once the email is sent the attached tiff file can be seen in Windows 10 File Explorer. However, the tiff file created by PANA LINK when booted to Windows 10 is still not seen by Windows Explorer in Windows XP/ This seems to indicate there’s something different about how the files are created in Windows 10, or perhaps it’s the 64 bit environment in Windows 10 versus the 32 bit environment of Windows XP. Does anybody know the cause of or have a solution to the problem?

If I’d not still had Windows XP running, it would not have been possible to attach the tiff file to email, and I’d never have been able to see or send as email attachment in Windows 10. The only possible solution I can think of is to use some kind of file converter to convert the PANA LINK created tiff file to another format if there is a file converter that can see such files in Windows 10 to convert. Without a solution to this problem the ability to send PANA LINK created tiff files as email attachments will be lost once running Windows XP is no longer possible. Does anyone have any suggestions for a file converter solution?


Perhaps you can give a link to a tiff file created by your program so that we can examine it in our Windows 10 systems. Dropbox or something similar would work. Use 7zip to put it into a zip file of some sort, we should be able to see that and download it.


FYI PANA LINK has options to save scanned documents as bmp, pcx, dcx and jpg too, but none of those formats are visible in Win10 when created by PANA LINK. However, trying your suggestion I used IZARC to open the tiff file, and the file is now visible by File Explorer in Win10 which means it should undoubtedly be seen if zipped and linked. It’s puzzling that simply opening the file with IZARC made the file visible in Win10, but at least I now have a very simple solution for the problem. Why could IZARC recognize the file but not File Explorer until after the file was opened using IZARC? Thanks for the helpful suggestion. .

Edit: The file did appear in File Explorer at first after opening with IZARC but no longer appears after closing File Explorer and then opening it again. I tried to use Dropbox, but the file does not appear for upload.


Once you have it opened in Windows, have you tried saving it again?

I have Photoshop, so I might process it through that and save again as a tiff or other format.


Yes, once seen and opened in Windows it can be saved, sent as email attachment, etc. These files are by default saved in the C:\Program Files(x86)\PANA LINK\ folder but don’t appear there in File Explorer, from email, etc.

However, I finally found them in the C:\Users\ MYUSERNAME \AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files(x86)\PANA LINK folder. I also tried selecting “Save as” in the PANA Link program and choosing the Documents folder or some other folder, and the documents then appear normally in File Explorer, email, etc. Why they don’t appear as they should in the default PANA LINK folder I have no idea.