Windows 10 Pro log in Imgburn

Hello LUK:
Its seems when I start Imgburn in Windows 10 Pro, my log reads that I am running Windows 8. I never even had Windows 8 installed.
I am sure this is an issue that can be easily rectified. Thank you. Other than that the program still runs perfectly in Windows 10 Pro.:bow:

EDIT: Found my answer in the IMGBURN Forums

Posted by LUK

Because you have to add something into a manifest within the exe to make windows report newer versions of windows. Otherwise it’ll never go beyond windows 8 (8.0). predates 8.1 and 10.0, therefore it’s missing said info from the manifest in the exe. It’s purely cosmetic though so nothing to worry about.

I believe booting into safe mode makes windows report the real os version to the program.

Imgburn works peftect with win10, so i can live with that.