Windows 10 October 2018 Update installed on only 12% of all Windows 10 PCs


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Windows 10 October 2018 Update is not popular amongst Windows 10 user. About 80% of the Windows 10 users appears to rather wait for an upcoming large update of Microsoft’s latest operating system.


hmm…I am on 1803 still and all my updates haven’t given me issues that I can find. What people fail to do is update a clean working image not a corrupted files system that doesn’t help make it better.

  1. Make a clean image with Acronis 2017 which works on NVMe drives
  2. Save the image
  3. When Win updates comes restore the last working image
  4. Do Windows Updates
    a. Update all the software installed as well
  5. Resave the new Windows image with Acronis 2017
  6. Restart
  7. Be back in Business.

This is how I prevent and avoid corrupt files or unknown issues from happening over when updating.


I’m hard locked to 1511 right now because it’s the last version that the hacked in WMC from 8.1 still works. My 10 pro box has the fastest CPU so I’ve been using it ever since I found the WMC versions that worked with 10.
I recently built a better board and CPU for my 7 box so I may try converting over to it for my WMC use seeing how it supports it natively and should never stop working as updates are about done for 7.
I never like forced updates anyways as they always seem to break something or happen when your in the middle of something critical and used to always have it set to ask before updating so I could skip the bad ones till they were fixed.


I don’t know why they don’t just give up trying to release 1809 and double their efforts on getting 1903 as good as possible. Very few people are asking for loads of new features in Windows right now, but everybody wants reliability and stability.

On a side note, the ad-duplex stats are not to be trusted, they can be 20% or more out.


I have version 1809 of Windows 10 installed and working on 5 systems once Microsoft fixed the problem where files were being deleted. I have not had any issues on any of my machines. I think the real reason for such a small penetration is because version 1809 was initially plagued with problems that forced Microsoft to remove the update from their update servers. Then for some reason the update rollout was either cancelled or rolled out very slowly. None of my machines were updated automatically from Microsoft. I had to use the media creation tool to download the ISO file of version 1809 and create a boot-able disk. Then I manually updated each of my machines from the disc I created.


Yes, I clean installed 1809 and it hasn’t given me any major problems, although I barely use Windows 10 so it never really gets a good workout. Problem is, the issues might not affect yourself or anyone you know and still be a problem for millions of users. There are 700+ million Win 10 users after all.

Nearly 4 months after release and Microsoft still not releasing 1809 fully to all users tells you they are not 100% confident that it’s completely fixed. If MS are still trying to get 1809 to work properly so close to 1903, what sort of condition is 1903 going to be in on release?