Windows 10 now installed on 400 million active devices



We’ve just posted the following news: Windows 10 now installed on 400 million active devices[newsimage][/newsimage]

Windows 10 is currently runs on 400 million active devices, according to Microsoft. The tech giant announced the number during its Ignite conference currently held in Atlanta. In May this year Microsoft announced its latest OS was running on 300 million devices and in March 200 million devices were running Windows 10.

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Big problem is no one can verify this claim at all. They come installed but then the user uninstall it and goes to Window 7 or Linux. That is the part MS doesn’t want people to know. But the nothing about what devices are they talking about? The Windows phone is a flop heading for the heap.


So that’s 50 million in almost exactly 3 months, and that includes the last month of free upgrades which we were told would cause a huge spike in takeup.

When you consider new PC shipments for this year are averaging 60 million every 3 months, there seems to be a decline in Windows 10 usage for non pre installed Windows 10 because those numbers include all the other Windows 10 enabled devices as well.